Selling the Invisible – According to author Harry Beckwith, the key to making the transition successfully is your twenty-five years of experience with thousands of business professionals, Harry Beckwith delivers in this book its wisdom with unforgettable and often surprising examples, from Federal Express, Citicorp, and a growing Greek travel agency to an ingenious babysitter. Filled with wonderful insights you will learn how service marketing is about how to eliminate your clients fear of hiring you, and how to make your invisible qualities visible.


Positioning – This classic by Al Ries and Jack Trout lays out the basics of finding where your product fits into the larger picture of what other people want and what other companies are doing. Whether you agree with that or not, this is one of the “must have” books if you’re in marketing. It covers a ton of space on the topic of how to brand products and services and how to place them both in the market and in the mind’s eye of the consumer.  Ries and Trout describe how positioning is used as a communication tool to reach target customers in a crowded marketplace.


Buy.ology – By injecting neuroscience into the art of marketing, Martin Lindstrom voted one Time Magazine’s most influential people of 2009, explains how everything we think and do is influenced by mental forces of which we are only vaguely aware (if at all). Lindstrom shows how these impulses might be scientifically measured and then used to hone marketing campaigns. In Buy-ology, Lindstrom, presents the surprising findings from a three-year, $7-million-dollar neuro-marketing study, an experiment that peeped inside the brains of 2,000 volunteers from all around the world as they encountered various ads, logos, commercials, brands, and products.


Youtility – YOUtility provides real-world examples of companies that have moved beyond selling to provide real value — and built a fiercely loyal audience along the way. Youtility is marketing upside down. Instead of marketing that’s needed by companies, Youtility is marketing that’s wanted by customers. Youtility is massively useful information, provided for free, that creates long-term trust and kinship between your company and your customers. The difference between helping and selling is just two letters. But those are the most important letters in modern business. Youtility shows you why, and how.


Trust me I’m Lying – Chris Kubbernus summarizes this read with a frightening truth that media manipulation is too easy, it’s also a possible growth hack. Holiday’s snappy title is enticing for its honesty. People like him (often recklessly) control the conversation, including the news, and he wants to give you insider secrets on how to avoid being blindsided by the media by understanding how it really works.


Purple cow – Peter Syravong credits Godin’s book as an update to the five P’s of marketing, using relevant brands to go beyond talking about how to be great and shows his readers how to be exceptional (much like a purple cow).Godin’s book is a straightforward, simple read which illustrates with powerful examples how to create something outside every day, not just in your marketing but with great products.


Everbody writes – Everybody Writes is a guide to attracting and retaining customers through online communication, because in our content-driven world, every one of us is, in fact, a writer. Actually, writing matters more now, not less. Our words tell our customers who we are. Our writing can make us look smart or it can make us look stupid. It can make us seem fun, or warm, or competent, or trustworthy. But it can also make us seem humdrum or discombobulated or flat-out boring. That means you’ve got to choose words well and write with economy and the style and honest empathy for your customers. In Everybody Writes, top marketing veteran Ann Handley gives expert guidance and insight into the process and strategy of content creation, production and publishing, with actionable how-to advice designed to get results.


The New Rules of Marketing & PR – It offers a step-by-step action plan for harnessing the power of modern marketing and PR to communicate with buyers directly, raise visibility, and increase sales. It shows how large and small companies, nonprofits, and other organizations can leverage Web-based content to get the right information to the right people at the right time for a fraction of the cost of big-budget campaigns. Including a wealth of compelling case studies and real-world examples of content marketing and inbound marketing success, this is a practical guide to the new reality of reaching buyers when they’re eager to hear from you.


Ogilvy on Advertising – This book is an example of how to think like an advertising executive whose sole purpose it is to help brands sell more. Sometimes, in our digital times, it’s fun to read books like this and re-think all of the analytics and optimization talks we have and get back to the advertising as a form of art. In his years as an advertising executive and copywriter, Ogilvy created some of the world’s most successful and iconic marketing campaigns, including the legendary Man in the Hathaway Shirt, plus notable efforts for Schwepps, Rolls Royce, and the island of Puerto Rico among many others.


Digital Marketing for Dummies – It provides practical, proven strategies you can use to engage your audience, build your brand, get more customers and make more sales. Written by the guys from DigitalMarketer, it draws on up-to-date best practices to walk you through creating a digital marketing strategy that boosts your bottom line.


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