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“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

  • Are you looking for real world marketing experience?
  • Do you want to learn how to do marketing to generate customers?
  • Do you want to study under expert marketers to see what they do?

Congratulations! You’ve found what we’re very proud to call the best fast track marketing internship in Kolkata.

You’re invited to apply for a 2 Month marketing internship at our agency.

Marketing and advertising is one of the highest paying jobs that does not require a professional degree/license (doctor, attorney, etc).

It’s also a profession that gives you a lot of freedom and work-life balance if you manage your time right. The need for your skills is growing and in extremely high demand, too.

This internship is the jump start to help you earn a great living as a marketer.

Get evaluated by marketing experts – receive specific feedback with what you did well, didn’t do well and how can you improve. Start as a Marketing Intern to experience the basics, and then through the program master the relevant skills and work-experience necessary for a career.


What marketing facets would be covered?

=To begin as an intern, you would learn the elementary basics and gradually equip teh skills of market reserach, content marketing, social media marketing, seo and sem.

Will I be given real marketing work?

Unlike a typical learning model, you would not be working on hypothetical cases. You would be working for MyCampusPost initiating and managing its online presence.

Key Details

We are interviewing!

Key Points:

  • 2 Months Marketing Internship
  • 9 Hours a Day Required
  • Weekly “Intern Day” Event
  • It is a paid  Internship
  • Must have Laptop & Internet


What are we looking for in a great marketing intern? One word – character.

We look for these nine specific traits in a marketing professional:

  • Initiative, resilience, and teamwork
  • Discipline, trainability, and judgement
  • Leadership, maturity, and curiosity


If you want to make a great living doing marketing for an employer – or even your own clients – you need to learn how to get results while effectively communicating your team, customers, and clients.

This internship is designed to give you that critical experience.

You will get a call back from us within 1 business day when you apply.

How will this help me?

Look forward to meeting you!