About Us

We are a democratic publication around your passion aggregating creative geniuses to get discovered, appreciated and idolized.

WePost is a ‘democratic’ publication. How ‘democratic’, you ask?

#1: WePOST is an open publishing platform for anyone who wants to Voice their Passion across topics – fashion, technology, sports, food, arts, photography, travel, etc. 

#2: The top posts that get featured on our pages are determined on the basis of pure merit- How many views, reactions, upvotes, downvotes and comments it has received. 

#3: The mission of WePOST is to showcase the talent of our community and build their audience- writers, artists, photographers, and vloggers.

What drives us to come to work every day at WePost?

WePost is a publication that helps readers stay updated on their passion – be it sports, fashion, technology, arts, photography, travel, you name it! Our mission is to build a publication that is as large as Buzzfeed, or Times of India but build it democratically, through a vibrant community of contributors. We aggregate a community of passionate, hardworking and creative geniuses and provide a publishing platform for them to Voice their Passion.

By inviting content from the hearts of the passionate, we aim to build a publication that is for the readers, by the readers. We take pride in showcasing the passion of our contributors and help grow their visibility. We want to create that tribe that you’ve always yearned for.; to get inspired and learn from, to together create great content with, or even to compete against!

Together, we accomplish much more as WePOST than what was individually possible. We launched WePOST – to build a vibrant community of passionate doers who would be recognized in the media industry – a pool of highly talented, passionate, motivated and hardworking geniuses.