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‘5 more minutes’,something I tell myself every morning when the alarm rings. It’s usually the hardest part of the day.Invariably,I’m late as always but what is it about that extra 5 minutes (mostly, more than 5) that we love so much? Even though we’re awake now and won’t fall into a deep sleep like we were before the alarm but that extra 5 minutes is crucial. Everything is perfect in that time when you wake, from the littlest things that kept you tossing and turning in your bed the previous night and the extra 5 minutes becomes a necessity and not a want. I personally feel that it is a self-acceptance time that we have within ourselves that we need to face another day or run through what events could possibly take place during that day and in our beds, or rather in our perfect little cocoons where nothing can attack us.

Depending on how I wake up it usually defines my morning,.If it’s a ‘I don’t want to get up’ and keep delaying the inevitable. I’m grumpy and not interested in the activities happening around me but if I get up as soon as the alarm rings, I feel that I can conquer the day.However, when I look at how habitually my grandparents wake up at 5 without a whim it only makes me wonder if it is just another millennial trend or if this happens with age?

This trail of thought was inspired by Shreya Tembe's illustration. It's an everyday ritual and very relatable.

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  1. Ending of the article with a question like that is really appreciable. Your word selection and adherence to the point was just awesome.