One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. - Friedrich Nietzsche 1 min

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  1. Chaotic mind is the consequence of a creative mind. It brings out the best version of ourselves and makes us unique in our own way. We get lost in our own massive world of thoughts, dreams and imagination.
    This painting depicts a simple girl turning into a dancing star with all that chaos in her mind that is infinite, just like the universe. This world does not deserve a star so she is lifted up where the universe begins, this universe which accepts every chaotic mind. This universe is dark enough for all the stars to shine.
    You are out of this world. This world is too crowded with shallow, monotonous, hypo critic and boring people. This world doesn’t deserve you.
    So be proud of that chaotic mind for it will lead you to what you were looking for, or maybe something even more than that.
    Let us all be beautifully chaotic.

As an artist, I see art not as a language but a tool. A tool to decipher feelings, emotions and complexities of mind to both me and my viewers. At a young age I discovered the emotional aspects of colors and how the exact mix of proportions create a visual that hits the mind at the right spot. Throughout my academic career I've pursued art as a hobby and a window to breathe and dream.  I always keep a sketchbook handy so that I can doodle the ideas, question them and later develop into detailed paintings. I believe its colors that enhance an artwork, not any particular medium; hence I prefer to use any available media to create my artwork. “Deconstruct and recreate in a dimension where anything is possible” - This is the common thread among my artworks. The surrealism I prefer to portray draws inspiration from anything mysterious. I try to imply the vastness and vibrancy of space and universe into my art. Vivid and contrasting colors help me bring out the subject in highlight. Also I’m a big fan of silhouettes.