A poem about how we tend to hurt others with our words and actions not taking into account their feelings. None of us are perfect but we can strive to be 1 min

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Don’t be the words that mutilate a soul,

 Instead be the words that make it whole.

Don’t be the ears that consume gossip,

Instead be the ears that make life blossom.

Don’t be the eyes that look down upon others with shame,

Instead be the eyes that feel their hurt and their pain.

 Don’t be the hands that beat and bruise,

Instead be the hands that heal and cure.

Don’t be a heart that is brutal and cold,

Instead be the heart that loves and holds.

Don’t be the person, rude and arrogant,

Instead be the person, humble and elegant.

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Manobi Ghose


A vial of humour, a dash of poetry, a splash of thrill, a drop of vocabulary and a boatload of creativity is the recipe for what makes me, well me. I fell in love with words when my friends were busy falling for boys. While they all got their hearts broken, I found love. My love made me feel beautiful and it empowered me. I believe each word has a story to tell and all a person needs to do is to harness the ability to choose the right words, we all have beautiful, touching stories to tell, so let us do that right here.