How To Find A Great Online Graphic Design Internship

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Online graphic design internships are highly attractive nowadays. That is not surprising, given the fact that this career option allows you to implement your artistic and computer skills and also display your creativity.There’s another reason why so many people are interested in online graphic design internships – it is something they love, and they can do it under flexible working hours. However, one must be prepared for how they can avail of just the right internship opportunity.

online graphic design internship


  1. How to present yourself

The competition is immense out there, so it is hard to convince hiring managers that you have plenty to offer when you are a complete beginner. You must work on two important aspects to make the job application process successful:

a) Your online portfolio

If you are looking for an online graphic design internship and you do not have an online portfolio that showcases your work and style, then you are up for some severe elimination. If you are a beginner, you do not have much client work to brag with.You can still develop an attractive design portfolio. Squarespace is the most popular platform for portfolio websites,  You can use a template, but you will still have tons of flexibility to express your skills. Promote your portfolio on social media sites through various digital marketing strategies.

b)Your resume/LinkedIn profile

When you want to get an online graphic design internship, you still need to showcase your skills, qualifications, and experience through a simple format.You are in a highly creative industry, where visuals are everything.  Your digital resume gives you space to showcase your skills and training in graphic design, so use it well. Most graphic designers can handle the visual part, but they have trouble understanding what content they should include on a resume. Although you will be creative with your approach, you still need to provide all information a hiring manager looks for. It will have a massive impact on your potential to get an online graphic design internship.

online graphic design internship



2. Content Marketing

You need to work on your personal branding.You want to build an audience around your projects so that you will give out the impression of authority in this industry.This is a lengthy and demanding process, but the results are well worth the efforts.First, include a blog section on your website. For a content marketing campaign to be successful, you have to be consistent and regular in sharing high-quality content.

Here are few suggestions that will help you come up with topics:

  • Write about your recent projects.
  • Explain the motivation behind them.
  • Talk about issues that are trending in the graphic design industry.
  • Share your skills.

online graphic design internship

3. Improve skills and portfolio

First and foremost, you need to get out there and make an offer. If you notice that your favourite coffee shop has lousy promotional materials, why don’t you offer to make enormous improvements for a minimal price? You will get something to feature in your portfolio, and you will gain experience for an online graphic design internship.You were inspired to become a graphic designer at the start, so do not let the struggle for an online job dim that motivation. Keep doing what you love doing, and you will definitely get those online graphic design internships.

online graphic design internship

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