Life is all about forgetting stupid things which happen almost everyday and move on

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  1. Absolutely. It all actually comes on to our mind. Even when small things happen they keep sticking to our minds. Why so ? It happens due to ego problems , or lack of confidence or a disagreement. We may have our emotions connected to the issue. That makes us think more and more about it till we get frustrated. All we need to do is sit back , relax and think calmly about the issue. I am sure that it brings out a solution. Life is too small to be attached to these non sensible things. Let our ego go off and make relations much more stronger and better.

  2. Happiness is not the absence of problems but deals with them. Look at what we have, instead of what we have lost. The doors may close because it forces us to move on in our life, but we too need such circumstances to move on. Every moment is god’s gift. We can’t predict what happens at the next moment of life. The present moment is only in our hand. We get a second chance, every second. We have to take it and make the best of life. Life must move on.

  3. each day is a fresh new day so we should start the day like we are born today with a fresh beginning ,so instead of remember the stupid little thing try to get experienced from that thing and achieve something bigger ,fresh mind is a healthy mind deleting the unimportant things from life is the way of a good life ,your mind is not a bin to store the stupid drama and think about that and lose your energy ,so with a clear mind and clear heart start your day and live like this your day.


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