Mind and Heart: The Doorways to Existence

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As we know, our heart and mind is the master key of our body. Although we are complex vibrational beings, we live most of our lives leading with our minds or our hearts. These ways of being often act as two separate doorways to existence, giving rise to a very different moment-to-moment experience.

One doorway to existence is our mind.Our minds are important to us: the beauty of the mind is in its ability to focus, organize, categorize, reason, and problem solve. When we need these skills, our minds are helpful. The limitation of the mind is that it records all past experiences as fact, so it has a limited perspective.

Another doorway to existence is through the heart. When we open our heart to love, beauty, gratitude we feel joy, expansion and inspiration. The heart is the doorway to Presence, Consciousness, or Being-the doorway to a spiritual realm beyond ourselves. This can even be the doorway to epiphany, miracle, energy healing.

In practical everyday life, most of us can access expansive heart energy by thinking of someone we love unconditionally (baby, pet), or visualizing a thing of beauty. If we focus on compassion or gratitude, our hearts open as well.

Therefore, it is important to create a balance between our Heart and mind.




This story has been inspired  by Arghadeep’s artwork.


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