The Art of Overthinking

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Overthink. Hide it or not, it's something we all do. So much that it probably tops the list of hard hitting habits. It has become so natural that it feels a part of my personality now. It's 3 am and I'm wide awake, staring at the dark, overanalysing every little aspect of my 22 year existence on earth. Digging out every wrong I've ever done, finding reasons to free happiness, reshuffling blames. Let my grey matter free and willingly sacrifice beautiful 3 hours of sleep.

And it's damaging. How? The body functions in a freakishly weird manner. My tired body needs rest. No energy left to twich even a finger but the brain has already travelled lightyears. It delibertely succumbs to overthinking. Picking the very particular incidents again and again, every night. Drowned in sorrow, anxiety and tension. Wondering upon on ways to apologise for what I've done to hurt everyone, even if I've not. There's always an opponent to the brain. Heart says yes and mind says no. So I'm sitting alone with bags under my eyes and clenching fists and wanting to physically shut my brain off. An hour more and it settles down to time and perspective. Nothing is wrong, nothing is right. What's perfect, no one is perfect, no one is ideal. Everyone has their flaws and faults. It's all about acceptance and adjustment. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and each of us has a beautiful quality either inside or out. These thoughts keep on going in circles.

Now the coin has an other side too. Not every overthought was an issue that was never there to begin with. Some things really need to be thought upon deeply to decipher the complexities. Education, jobs, relationships - makes a plentyful platter. My thoughts used to stay scribbled onto the pages of my notebooks until I unknowingly started overthinking out loud. The scribbles arranged themselves into short stories and doodles became art. Everything sprouted a meaning now. Overthinking is damaging but it's a beautiful mess of emotions, feelings and moments. Just that its not worth the time and happiness.

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  1. Overthinking transforms you. Overthinking transports you. It takes you to thoughts and ideas you never thought you could get to. All the experiences that have made us what we are today, contributes to our thinking. It being human nature, we always over analyse any situation. It might as well be called our efficient way of dealing with things. Most of the times, complaining and finding faults in our lives. But as we grow and change, we learn about the power of hope. We learn how our wishful thinking may not always materialize, but it gives us the motivation to move on. To strive for better.

    We always hear about how overthinking can break you. Overthinking our obstacles makes them look more challenging. It makes us feel powerless and weak. But what we need to understand is, that thinking is a huge part of us. We’re thinking every second of our lives; even when we’re asleep. We need to accept the fact that thinking is a part of us. We cannot escape it. But we can definitely decide where to channel it. It is in your hands as to where and what you give your space and energy to.

    You let the overthinking be stressed over every challenge, it’ll constrict you. Unless, you decide to control it. You channel this same energy into something that helps you blossom and you can conquer. It can open up a window of possibilities and solutions.

    Do not be scared by the idea of overthinking. It’s but natural. Rather accept it and be cautious as to what road you’re ready to travel. The load of baggage we carry gets heavier by the hour. But as messy as overthinking seems, it is still movement.

  2. I liked how you brought something positive about something that seems messy. I find overthinking really disturbing, it gets messy. Now I know a little on how to take this positively :). Good one!

  3. What this article consists is more often than not pretty relatable by every person of the modern time. While reading the article you can actually see yourself experiencing what this article encapsulates, and that is a good thing.

  4. Great article with all the ups and downs of life in which we overthink a lot as an individual. Overthinking can either heal or damage you. It’s all about social interactions and our perception of seeing things.

  5. I don’t just over think these things you mention, but I will be able to write a disturbingly long essay on the cultural impact of a fictional characters wardrobe choice that might actually have been an animation error.
    if you’re having trouble sleeping, I have a suggestion: try thinking randomly. Just let it go, let the thoughts flow through you. If you find yourself setting a stream and controlling the flow, force yourself to think something random and off topic.
    it’s just normal for an person to overthink a situation but it solely depends on the way they think. one might think things positively which may not happen and the other will have negative thoughts.
    sometimes these helps in balancing the thoughts and emotions in life.

  6. Great work, You described the overthinking accurately. Than you described what actually happens when we think too much. You did great work. But it could be more easier for readers to understand if you provided atleast one image related to overthinking. Your work is something which should be appreciate.

As an artist, I see art not as a language but a tool. A tool to decipher feelings, emotions and complexities of mind to both me and my viewers. At a young age I discovered the emotional aspects of colors and how the exact mix of proportions create a visual that hits the mind at the right spot. Throughout my academic career I've pursued art as a hobby and a window to breathe and dream.  I always keep a sketchbook handy so that I can doodle the ideas, question them and later develop into detailed paintings. I believe its colors that enhance an artwork, not any particular medium; hence I prefer to use any available media to create my artwork. “Deconstruct and recreate in a dimension where anything is possible” - This is the common thread among my artworks. The surrealism I prefer to portray draws inspiration from anything mysterious. I try to imply the vastness and vibrancy of space and universe into my art. Vivid and contrasting colors help me bring out the subject in highlight. Also I’m a big fan of silhouettes.