The Confessions Of A Human Sloth

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                                     I wait and wait for the hours to pass                                                                                                                  As I sit there waiting in class.

Time plays dirty tricks on me, 

As I watch it tick by slowly.

All I want to do is see my bed

And reunite my pillow with my head.

To doze off into the great unknown,

To find out where my dreams come from.


                                 Its hard to leave the bed in the morning,

Each day experiences a mourning.

My bed is my best friend,

And my couch, the latest trend.

I like to Netflix and chill,

And have my parents pay the bill.

And the sole purpose of my life is to,

 Sleep my days away.


I hate to work in any way,

Be it homework, chores or a Monday.

I prefer sleep over movies,

And tunes that are groovy.

I despise exercise, 

Well, that’s not a surprise 

My total physical activity involves,

To obtain food from the refrigerator across the hall.


My spirit animal is a sloth,

To be honest, which I like a lot.

It matches me and my personality.

Hey, that’s my reality.

Friends and family call me lazy,

Although that part is a little hazy.

Just to be sure they are right,

But I don’t care because being lazy is a delight.

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Manobi Ghose


A vial of humour, a dash of poetry, a splash of thrill, a drop of vocabulary and a boatload of creativity is the recipe for what makes me, well me. I fell in love with words when my friends were busy falling for boys. While they all got their hearts broken, I found love. My love made me feel beautiful and it empowered me. I believe each word has a story to tell and all a person needs to do is to harness the ability to choose the right words, we all have beautiful, touching stories to tell, so let us do that right here.