Which Anime character are you?

Having watched anime all my I have been inspired by them to so much extent that I believe myself to be one of them. Let's see which one are you? 1 min

An otaku basically lives to watch an anime. He basically applies every small detail of anime into his life. An anime is not just some cartoon in motion for him, it is an expression of art. If you are my fellow otakumate do participate in this qui to determine which character from an anime you are.

  1. 1 What will you do if your friend commits a mistake?

    1. Correct him
    2. Hit him
    3. Ignore him
    4. Kill him
  2. 2 Who is your best friend?

    1. Your friends
    2. Your enemy
    3. Your competitor
    4. No one
  3. 3 What do you prefer to do during leisure time?

    1. Eat
    2. Workout
    3. Hangout with friends
    4. Be alone
  4. 4 What will you do if a fight breaks out?

    1. Just Respond
    2. Talk it out
    3. Go all out
    4. Don't interact
  5. 5 What is the first thing you would ask if you get a wish granting boon?

    1. More friends
    2. More food
    3. Adventure in life
    4. Rule the world
  6. 6 What word best describes your love life?

    1. Married
    2. Rejected
    3. Don't care
    4. Playboy
  7. 7 From the following list which one are you?

    1. Introvert
    2. Extrovert
    3. Ambivert
    4. Don't know what all other options mean

Which Anime character are you?

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  1. Quiz result


    Goku from dragon ball Z is your spirit animal. Go get your food and kick the hell out of your opponent. 


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  2. Quiz result


    The titular character from Naruto is your spirit animal. If your friend runs from you well then chase him..


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  3. Quiz result

    Yagami Light

    Yagami Light from Death note is your spirit animal. Just don't set out on a search for a Death note now!


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    Saitama from One Punch Man is your spirit animal. Push ups and pull ups is what you should be doing right now. 


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