Which Fantastic Beast Do You Resemble The Most?

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For all the Potterheads out there have you ever wondered which of the beasts in Mr Scamander’s briefcase do you most connect with? Have you ever wondered what you might get? Will it be a Murtlap or an Occamy? Well, let’s find out.

  1. 1 What are you most likely to do on a Sunday Afternoon?

    1. Hang out with friends
    2. Watch a movie
    3. Read a book
    4. Go shopping
    5. Help a friend with some homework
    6. Go on a date
    7. Laze around
  2. 2 What would be your magical power?

    1. To be invisible
    2. Be able to sense danger
    3. To see the future
    4. Be insanely strong
    5. Be able to fly
    6. Have healing powers
  3. 3 Whose your favourite character from J.K. Rowling's works?

    1. Harry Potter
    2. Newt Scamander
    3. Hermoine Granger
    4. Ron Weasley
    5. Tom Riddle
    6. Dumbledore
    7. Gerald Grindelwald
  4. 4 What's your favourite magical charm?

    1. Protego Totalum (Protection Charm)
    2. Alohomora (Unlock doors)
    3. Revelio (Revealing Charm)
    4. Expelliarmus (To unarm the enemy)
    5. Accio (Summon an object)
    6. Wingardium Leviosa (Levitation Charm)
  5. 5 Which pet peeve do you hate the most?

    1. Slow Walkers
    2. Noisy Eaters
    3. People who spit while talking
    4. Internet pages that take forever to load
    5. People who air quote almost everything
    6. People who upload their entire life story on social media
  6. 6 What is your favourite food?

    1. Pizza
    2. French Fries
    3. Ice Cream
    4. Nutella
    5. Salads
    6. Biryani
    7. Chicken Wings
  7. 7 Who is your favourite Avenger?


    I know they have no connection whatsoever but still.......

    1. Iron Man
    2. Thor
    3. Captain America
    4. Hulk
    5. Black Widow
    6. Spider-man
    7. Hawkeye

Which Fantastic Beast Do You Resemble The Most?

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    They are rat-like creatures with a growth similar to a sea-anemone on its back. Its tentacles have massive healing powers when pickled and can be used to resist curses and jinxes. Its bite can cause adverse reactions, particularly for Muggles. 

    You got a Murtlap because you are rather helpful but you can be a little too dangerous from time to time. Sort of passive-aggressive.

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    They are long-snouted burrowing creatures with a penchant for anything shiny or glittery. Their magical abilities involve finding treasures but they can be rather destructive and are hard to be domesticated.  

    You got the Niffler because you can find beauty in all situations but you like to do everything in your time. You don't like to be dictated and do things on your own terms.

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    Plumed, two-legged, winged creatures with a serpentine body. They are choranaptyxis, which is a quality that magical creatures possess which enables them to grow or shrink to fit available spaces. Their eggshells are made of pure silver. And they are aggressively protective of their eggs.

    You got the Occamy because you can easily adjust and adapt to new things. You are extremely protective of your loved ones and do your best to keep them away from harm.

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    A colossal winged beast that can sense danger and create storms along the way. Its tail feathers are used to make powerful wands. 

    The Thunderbird is your magical beast because you have a powerful extra-sensory perception aka sixth sense. You are loyal and love the rain and you are not afraid of a challenge.

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    This adorable stick figured beast is the perfect friend. They are known to protect wand wood trees. They are good at camouflage. They have long, sharp fingers and attack when felt threatened.

    The bowtruckle is yours because you are a good friend, peaceful and a little timid at times.  You are a sucker for company.

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    Ape-like herbivores with an ability to turn invisible when threatened. It has silky, silvery fur that is used to make invisibility cloaks. 

     You are caring and lovable. And you are extremely adored by all who know you.

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    A rhino-like creature, the erumpent is a dangerous creature whose horns have explosive properties. Its horns and tail are used to create potions. It does not attack unless provoked.

    You are a little hotheaded but other than that you are a quiet peaceful person, who likes to mind their own business.

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    A small vividly coloured sapphire-blue insect. It has wings atop its head that allows the Billywig to spin and rotate while flying. Its sting can cause giddiness and levitation and when dried they can be used in several potions.  

    You are quite expressive and active. 

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  9. Quiz result

    Swooping Evil

    A small butterfly-like creature with spiked wings that emerges from a small object possibly a cocoon. It produces a venom that has powerful obliviatory properties - It can erase memories. Its skin can deflect most spells. 

    You Got the Swooping Evil because you are extremely strong emotionally, you easily forgive and are a good acquaintance. 

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