Your opinion matters!

We all love to give our valuable opinions, who doesn't! Sometime it's good to have a viewpoint, you get to know where you are right or where did you went wrong! 1 min

Voting at a time was done by choices made in paper! Then came EVM! Now? We have internet for everything! We can view or give our opinions when it matters! Literally for every possible thing! Let’s add one more and see what races to the top!

  1. Who is an unsung hero?

    Remember every Mother loves their children and no child can be loved more by anyone else than by the Mother!

    (Remember is not recognised in each case).

    1. Mother who is working (father is also working)
    2. Mother who does everything at home.
    3. Mothers are unsung heroes.
    2 votes
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  2. Who deserves more respect?

    Respect is earned not bought!

    1. A captain who won the World Cup despite being injured.
    2. A soldier saving one life taking another
    3. Both of them
    2 votes
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  3. What is more important to you?

    Think before you answer!

    1. Internet
    2. Food
    3. Water
    1 votes
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  4. Are dreams important to you?

    How can one survive to achieve the impossible if one couldn't dream!

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Work hard to achieve dreams.
    1 votes
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  5. When it comes to religion what do you believe?

    Do you believe in God? Or are you an Atheist? Or do you have an opinion of your own?

    1. Relogion rules
    2. Religion doesn't rule
    3. There is God but no religion
    1 votes
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  6. What is the best time for working?

    Time, some have as much they want. Some need time but they can't have it.

    1. Day.
    2. Night.
    3. Have a 5 hrs. & work anyime.
    1 votes
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  7. Do you believe in Aliens?

    Do you dream to travel the universe once? What do you dream off?

    1. No
    2. Yes
    3. Aliens can see us, but we can't see them.
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  8. Do you have trust in POLLs?

    Let's see what you think of this system!!

    1. Yes.
    2. No.
    3. Can't say.
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