3 Mistakes That You Are Making With Your Food Blog

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Food blogging can be a fun passion to have, and if done right, can be highly rewarding too! It’s a known fact that everybody loves food, and few things in the world are as satisfying as gorging on some delicious food. Reading food blogs and scrolling through tantalising food photos come pretty close.

You are probably a shutterbug like me, and I’m sure you love uploading your best food photos on Instagram or on your blog, and you probably have a loyal band of followers too. But while it may be great fun clicking and posting on a food blog, it does not guarantee popularity. Let’s look at some of the pitfalls to avoid with a food blog.

  1. Not Being Reader-Oriented

You may love rambling about what made you discover a restaurant, or gush endlessly about the beautiful day that it was, but do pause and ask yourself: why should the reader care? It is tempting, admittedly, to get carried away writing about things that may not be relevant, but if readers do not resonate with what they read, they will get bored and lose interest. Always write keeping your audience in mind, and not just so that they read your posts, but so that they keep coming back for more from you!

  1. Not Proofreading

Ah, typos. Unintentional though they may be, they are glaring blemishes on an otherwise fantastic piece of writing. Typos detract from the rest of the blog, and not only do they disrupt its overall tone, they also show a lack of attention to detail and make your writing come off as sloppy and unprofessional. Quality is crucial. A well-written, nicely structured coherent piece of writing will be much more appreciated and will have a much more lasting impact than a hastily-written unchecked one.

  1. Having Clickbait Titles

It may be very enticing to exploit human curiosity this way, but do try and avoid using clickbait titles for your blogs. You may gather a few extra views, but after a while your readers will realise the trick and eventually lose respect for you and your blog. It is essential to keep your blog content genuine and in line with your style. After all, people value originality and authenticity, so don’t fall prey to the clickbait temptation!

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