5 Essential Tools Everyone in the marketing Industry Should Be Using

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5 Tools everyone in the marketing should be using .


Working on your business means being very busy. There is hardly any time to do everything and making the most of it. –  So how to make the most of your time?

The answer is no jargon but very simple. All you need to do is work smarter and not harder.

Any savvy marketeer won’t stay away from the challenges of the tasks in hand – instead, they’ll utilize innovation to speed up their processes.

Sounds like a good idea, right?

Here are 5 innovative tools to increase your efficiency of your marketing.



If you have not heard of this website, I suggest you to quickly google it and check it out.

We all know that graphic is an important part of websites and posts. Be that any social media post or a blog post, graphic will make the post more attractive and engaging. This will ultimately increase the traffic on your blog or website. The first thing that comes in our mind when it comes to creating your on graphic is Photoshop. While you spend ages on the software and get nada, I will simply suggest you to try Canva

Canva is a cloud-based tool that allows you to quickly and easily make incredible graphics.

It is very simple and easy to use and have a variety of options to choose from. With templates and layouts for established marketing content and a broad library of both paid and free instant artwork and images covering many subjects available within the application itself. It is a platform to create quick highly professional designs.More than 70% of  marketers are well on their way to increase the generation of original visual assets .

2.Google Analytics

If your website is the most powerful marketing tool you have then why not make the most optimal use of it.

Google Analytics gives you the information you need to figure out what’s hot on your website, and what’s not.

With this tool under your business belt, you can shine a light on your web traffic, where your visitors come from, AND what they do when they get to your site. This amazing tool from Google provides you with site insights and gives advanced analytics solutions to monitor website guests on a real time basis. This means that you’ll be able to track and monitor the activities of a customer via the sales funnel all by using this tool. Armed with this essential info, you can start tweaking your content to be more aligned with what your customers are wanting to see, making for a more valuable customer experience. Google Analytics offers advanced analytics solutions to track the website visitors on a real time basis. The complete journey of a customer through the sales funnel can be tracked using Google Analytics. More than 50% of the 500 Fortune companies use Google Analytics for their website.


This is a business-oriented social network that lays much emphasis on professional connections, career development, industry discussions and other sorts of business-related activities. In the event that the actual market for your services and products is from other businesses, then LinkedIn is the place to be.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn wants your business promoted on their website by setting up a page called the LinkedIn Company Page. Asides your personal page, this company page has the needed resources and resources to know more about the individuals following your brand, which is key for any business. It enables your audience in differentiating you from various competitors.





Twitter is most powerful marketing tool to bring traffic to your website. It is astounding how many marketers overlook Twitter as a viable source of promotion and web traffic. Many have tried it, but far less have stuck with it. And with proper use of such platform one can generate a lot of leads.

Twitter is huge, and it has the power to drive incredible amounts of traffic.

You can attach images and links to your relevant tweets, this will encourage people to click on such links which will redirect you to the Website driving traffic. This will also help people to know about you and your services better.

Using relevant and content specific hashtags or even trending hashtags is great method to target your specific audience. You can even create your own hashtags which is more relevant to your business and your customers.




5.Marketing Automation

We all have aspirations to build the success of the businesses we work in, but one thing’s for sure – success won’t lessen your workload. So how do you keep up?

All over the US, Europe and now in Australia, people are turning to Automated Marketing Systems to help lighten their load.

An automated marketing system allows you to host and manage your blogs, website, landing pages, social media…everything content related. Some examples of such tools is Hubspot and Mautic. You can try out these tools for free but you will need to pay to actually use it at the fullest. But every penny for it is worth it. We use Hubspot and that’s why will recommend you the same. But you can try Mautic or other similar automation.


So there you have it – The 5 tools that everyone in the marketing agency should be using. Marketing is not easy, whether you are targeting your products or services, businesses or consumers and you should take as much help you can get to do your work with ease and efficiency.






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