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Nowadays we are more fond of digital marketing. We find the best way to market our product in today’s work world is by using digital technologies. In other words, we choose digital marketing as a tool to promote our service or product.

Yet, you say that you are confused about choosing your career path as an SEO executive? Please don’t be! It is one of the most recognized career today. Many of us often feel that since SEO job opportunity is not there in every organization, so maybe taking up SEO as your career will not give you many scopes.  

In doubt? Well, I can convince you to go for a career with SEO and even SEO jobs.



Now the scope of SEO jobs is huge. Demand for SEO has increased, thereby increasing the job opportunities.  When you see the number of online sites, pages or the likes has increased, you know that the job scopes have also expanded. This industry is actually growing due to the increased use of search engines.


Learn more

Many of us, who are working in different profiles, get thoughts like, if we switch our profile from designing, technical or web development to SEO, we may deteriorate.  No. That is not the case. Since you actually get to learn more and gather more knowledge in your basket.


Still not convinced? Want to know more?

Here I go…


Don’t you want to make good money?

You can work as a freelancer or work for a company even.  Research says that an SEO manager earns an average of Rs 355,854 per year, with a median of 240 k. And you are worried about the salary? I don’t think salary should be your concern any farther.

Knowledge of SEO will actually benefit you in the long run even. You may switch to any job profile. But, this experience will always benefit you.  


More opportunities

Be it SEM, advertisement, content marketing, digital marketing or even an entrepreneur, you would flourish in any of these sectors if you have sound knowledge and experience of SEO. Moreover, you will never get bored with SEO job. Since it is a continuous process of researching and learning.


Social Responsibility

Want to do something for the society somehow? “SEO is not about getting content on the first page for a query. It’s about answering the right questions and helping people. “- Per Pettersson. So, now you even have an expert’s view as well.


Satisfied? Not really? I guess I should be suggesting you MyCampusPost now, an online millenial content hub which is ready to help you in every possible way. No brainless case studies, no boring long lectures, no traditional way of exams. What you actually get to learn is, real things with the help of genuine articles, videos and interesting tasks to solve. The MyCampusPost squad will actually provide you with relevant answers to all your queries. You will get to know about the real work world here. It would aware you about all the detail of SEO. And then if you feel that SEO is not your cup of tea, you can definitely find your true love. Since MyCampusPost gives you the scope to explore in more than one field. Be it Videography, Content writing or Social media marketing, you will get to learn all according to your choice.


So, nothing should stop you now! Lean… Understand… Choose… Be satisfied… Build your Career… Live your life.


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