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If you’re here reading this, I’m fairly certain you have an unconventional approach to getting work done, you have a creative, innovative and yet analytical bent of mind, you value your ability to express your ideas in novel ways, graphic design is the career for you.

Graphic Design is the science and art of using text, pictures, illustrations and other design elements and media to convey information or an idea to an audience. As a form of visual communication, graphic design helps to make storytelling more effective than ordinary textual or pictorial communication. Graphic designers are the heroes behind that beautifully crafted advertisement clip, that app with the smooth and easy-on-the-eye interface and that mobile game we find ourselves hooked onto.

That being said, graphic designers are versatile people who can take up jobs in a myriad of industries from advertising and public relations to publishing, branding, web design and even product packaging and labelling!


The average salary according to for graphic designers in India is Rs. 274572 per year, but actual salaries vary significantly as graphic designers may either be working for a company, for an agency or they may be freelancing. Other factors that influence the salary for those in a graphic design career include:

  • The industry one works in
  • Location and cost of living
  • Availability of design projects (if freelancing)
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Number of clients (if freelancing)
  • Experience
  • Quality of work and speed of delivery

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