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Graphic designers are creators of creative concepts using a variety of shapes, colours and fonts to convey a message to their targeted audience. Graphic designers possess knowledge and skills in drawing, typography and illustration. Their work can include anything from designing covers for magazines and books to designing logos, websites, posters, advertisements and even product packaging.

Graphic designers can either work freelance or for a company, and they can simultaneously work on more than one project. They meet clients to determine what exactly they want, and then they work on creating a creative and imaginative way to get their message across to the audience being targeted. If they are employed in an organisation, they work with the design team and in close collaboration with the marketing and PR teams.

graphic-designing-salary-in-indiaDue to the boom in the media industry over the past few years, there has been a phenomenal growth in the demand for graphic designers. Almost every business enterprise today needs graphic designers because their initial communication with their customers is visual. As a result of this, a growing number of people are looking to build a career in this burgeoning field!

So how much does a graphic designer earn?

The average salary according to www.payscale.com for graphic designers in India is Rs. 274572 per year, but one’s actual earnings depend on a variety of factors.

The factors that influence the average annual salary of a graphic designer include:

  • Location – cost of living varies from city to city
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Experience
  • Quality and speed of work
  • Number of clients one deals with (if freelancing)

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