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My grandfather told me this story when I was seven. The story goes like this :

There were two friends , Ram & Shyam. Ram was thin , short while Shyam was heavily built. One day, while going through a forest , Shyam accidentally fell into a well. Shyam sought Ram's help. Ram frantically searched for someone to help him. But he found no one ! There wasn't even a single animal around. The nearest village was 3 hours away & he feared if he went back, Shyam might drown and die. After some efforts , he found a rope and with extreme efforts, he got Shyam out of the well.
Both return to their village. Shyam told this story of how Ram saved his life to every villager. But , no one believed him. They all asked "How can a thin person like Ram ever lift Shyam ?" They all called them liars. They all went to an intelligent sage to know his views. When he heard the story , he said "I completely believe this story." The villagers were taken aback.
The sage replied "There is a high chance he did it because there was no one present there to mock him, to doubt his credibility , to tell him that he can't do it. If there were people there, everyone would have told him he can't do it. He would have given up believing that he can't do it . Since , no one was there he might have done it".

The story ripens and becomes more meaningful with time. The best satisfaction comes when you prove your critics wrong !

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