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So you’re a passionate foodie? Yes, I thought so too. But have you ever considered chronicling your foodie adventures? Or documenting your favourite recipes? Sharing your best food photos?  Writing glorifying or scathing reviews of a restaurant? Seek no further. You can do all of that right here. Plus much more, including quizzes, polls, memes and random trivia!

Here is our quick guide to becoming an amazing food blogger!

  1. Eat A Lot; Snap A Lot

Every time you eat something you like, remember to take photos, however bad your camera or photography skills might be. Practice makes perfect, or so they say!

  1. Be Adventurous

Have an open mind and be willing to try out and experiment with food you’ve never seen or heard of before. Trying the untested often makes for great stories (which is what everyone wants to hear – or read, as the case may be – about), so don’t be shy. Take the plunge! After all, the foods you enjoy today were all new to you at some point in your life!

  1. Tell captivating stories

Write all about your foodie experiences in the sort of detail that your readers would love. Narrate the overall experience – don’t limit your content to just the food you ate. Make them feel like experiencing it for themselves.

  1. Add plenty of photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember to illustrate your articles with photos of all the awesome things you ate! Besides, not everything can be explained through words. Let your photos do some of the talking!

  1. Give Insider Advice

Get noticed as an expert by sharing insider tips and specialised knowledge on certain cuisines or places to eat. Recommendations for offbeat experiences are one of the most sought after!

  1. Connect with Other Bloggers

Interacting and socialising with other food bloggers will help build and grow your network. This is extremely useful if you are interested in collaborating!

  1. Don’t Forget to Share

Share and publicise your work on social media so more people can see and engage with your content. Given how powerful social media is today, utilising it is a must to increase one’s reach and visibility.

  1. Keep Posting Regularly

Don’t forget to keep adding fresh content at regular intervals. This helps to keep your audience interested and engaged with your content! It also helps to attract more followers!

So keep these tips in mind as you immerse yourself in the delicious world of food blogging. With a little bit of practice, you’re sure to have your readers drooling over your articles. WePOST Food is the online hub for foodies from all walks of life to explore, interact and share their passion for food. Go on, sign up! You’re going to enjoy it here. Happy blogging!


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