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Do you love taking pictures of all the fabulous food you eat? Or perhaps you have a few insanely good recipes you want people to try out? Maybe the thought of starting a food blog of your own has crossed your mind. If so, do not retreat. You can build a community around your love for food and also turn your passion for food into income.

  1. Research

Decide what you want to write about. Choose your niche and make a catchy, memorable name for your blog. Find out how you can be different from the tons of other food blogs out there. Remember, your blog needs to stand out for it to gather a loyal readership!

  1. Setting Up

Once you’re done with your research, you’re ready to lay the groundwork for the amazing food blog that is to come. You can start a blog for free on sites like Blogger or WordPress, but if you’re really serious about your blog, it is recommended that you buy a domain name (i.e. something that ends in .com)

  1. Creating and Posting Content

Share your content for the world to see. Illustrate your articles with photos. For a food blog, photos are essential so that your blog is visually attractive audience can see all the mouth-watering food you cook and/or eat. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions so that the content you post tells a story. After all, if people just wanted recipes, all they’d need is a cookbook!

  1. Promotion

Promoting your food blog is just as important as posting content on it. Be active on social media. Share your blog posts with friends. Make social media handles for your food blog, and keep posting regularly so that your followers don’t lose interest.

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