How to Start a Lifestyle Blog

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It is somewhat tricky to define a lifestyle blog. Other blog categories like food blogs, travel blogs or tech blogs are easy to explain (and therefore easily understood). Lifestyle is an all-encompassing term that includes several aspects of daily life, habits, interests, work and hobbies. A lifestyle blog is essentially a blog which revolves around the author’s daily activities. Lifestyle blogging, therefore, is a far less specific blogging genre than other blog categories as it is more general in nature – but plays as significant a role in the blogosphere as other categories.

If you are looking to start a lifestyle blog, here are some of our tips to help you get going!

  1. You probably have a whole bunch of interests. Of them, find out which one (or ones) you’re good at and what your audience can relate to. If you have certain special skills that you want to share with the world, or which you feel could help people out, focus on them. If you find that you are good at several things, find a pattern in them and try and relate them with one another. Since lifestyle blogging is a broad category, it is fine if the topics you wish to blog about are different from one another (example: daily tech hacks and home decor)
  2. Choose which aspects of your life you want to blog about. Just because you have a lifestyle blog it does not mean you have to share every little detail about your life. Just as there are compulsive over-sharers and equally reclusive people who prefer to keep to themselves, you decide how much or how little about yourself you want to share on your lifestyle blog.
  3. Make a catchy memorable name for your blog and make an account on a blogging platform (like WordPress or Blogger). If you want to blog just as a hobby, you can go for a free blog (with a or a name), but if you are serious about lifestyle blogging, we recommend that you purchase a domain for yourself (i.e. a .com name). Once that’s done, design your blog layout. Set up your blog with attractive themes and handy widgets. Choose a layout that best defines you and your content, because your blog design is what your readers will form their first impressions on!
  4. Start posting! Share your ideas and thoughts for the world to see (and try out!). Remember to illustrate with photographs or videos as may be necessary. People are attracted to blogs that are visually appealing and have more than mere walls of text in them. If you have a quick-fix recipe or a home beauty tutorial, make sure you add relevant imagery to make it easy and attractive for your readers to follow. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all!
  5. Be active on social media and promote your blog! Promoting your lifestyle blog is just as important as posting content on it. Create social media handles for your lifestyle blog and do remember to keep posting regularly on them! Digital assets like blogs and social media appreciate with use, so don’t stop posting when one post rakes in a large number of likes. Maintaining your social media presence is essential so that your readers know you’re still active. Also remember to engage with your readers by replying to comments. This will also help you to grow your network.

With these helpful tips in mind, you are ready to take the plunge into the wonderful world of lifestyle blogging. WePOST Lifestyle is a social platform centered around you and your everyday activities! Share your thoughts, ideas, tips and advice with several other lifestyle bloggers. See what they relate to and are interested in, and maybe even learn a trick or two from them that might save you time and effort (maybe even money) in your daily life! Join WePOST Lifestyle and get started today!

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