Indian Education system in dire need of creativity.

In class 9th textbook there was one question where it was asked to take the students for the 1km walk to get the measure of 1km and it was taken as Rofl. 3 min

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The education policymakers have restricted the teaching-learning program in India their only concern is getting marks on white papers and teachers performance report. On which both students and teachers growth depends so they took aside the other important task ahead of this and indulge in cramming those mug ups. Students are not exposed to the outside functioning of the world and when they find the outside world is complete, in contrast, the things they have learnt they feel let down. We can’t complain, teachers here because they too are bound by the education system. They are given no freedom. In this era, the unemployed are not those who can’t read and write but are those who can’t learn, unlearn and relearn.The Education system in India is something which requires drastic change. The curriculum which is followed in the school is not up to the mark with the job requirements in the market. We blindly keep on learning which is served to us. Those who are in the market they fear to impart their knowledge for the fear of losing their job. It is when an individual goes through the struggle of finding a job only then they realize up until now they were wasting their time and money in completing degrees. The market and our Education system are not tuned with themselves. This lack of communication has led the education system turned into another form of driving money from the hard-earned parent’s income. Indian school and colleges have put the practical knowledge behind and they just keep on harping on the written lines from the textbook. The need and demand changes according to time but our school and colleges are working on the old curriculum. While we are driving on bullets today they teach how to work with diesel engines. The structure is simply based upon cram rote memorising and forgetting. A student can tell things from their current syllabus while the same students tend to struggle while delivering answers for the lower class. In Every level students, creativity is crushed ” A student copying exact poetic lines from the verses is rewarded with highest marks but the one who framed his own is embarrassed and yet people wish Shakespeare was born here. In this system of administration, all student is left with just cram things and get good grades in the Exam. But they fail in the bigger exam which is life. Every student has different taste and likings and you can’t fill their appetite with the same food. The fields which are provided to students as career options are limited It is believed that a person who has done M. A will end up taking teaching job but this is not the truth with all the students studying in the same class. They need to be provided with the channel and ways to reach their careers options. Because even if they are capable of doing the job the students bewildered about is this job profile matches with my course and they let it go and ends up frustrating. The fault in the education system is aptly taken advantage by industries they nowadays run their own program for the promise of making students job oriented and obviously the fee has to be bear by the students.The industry and education differences have only lead up to increasing the unemployed graduate’s rates go further. An automobile Engineer may write down the 10 steps on how to change a tyre on paper but may find himself struggling when it will actually come down to perform the task. An English graduate may write pages upon pages but if they lack in the knowledge of computer they will have to suffer the unemployability. It is no wonder and it is clear fact that 65% if the employed workers are unskilled. One Employment leads to other the kind of job requirements these companies put is like asking a fish to climb a mountain. They place certain skills and degree for the job requirements so in order to fulfil this student goes for degrees which then get beaten by the soft skills. In our education period we were never encouraged to think like an entrepreneur and later we set our eyes in hope to get a job from them. Had we were encouraged in our schooling to think innovative, invent new business ideas we would not have to rely upon the existing industries for getting employed. The employment rate in India is 1/10 which is the shocking state to be in.

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