What is it like to be an SEO executive ?

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Abled with a power to think differently? Capable of critical thinking as well? Or you feel that you are efficient in speaking and writing? And now you feel – I can take up these qualities to build up my career as an SEO executive?


Now, anyone who feels that these are the main credentials to start a career as an SEO executive may be proved wrong, since becoming an SEO executive needs to have much of knowledge than these. So, if you want to know about the life of an SEO executive, you need to know the role that they play. Well, it may vary depending on the nature of the organization. However, the basic roles and responsibilities that an SEO executive needs to play may be discussed along these lines:


Responsible for Organic Traffic

The basic role of an SEO executive is to improve the ranking of the website and increase the organic traffic of the web page. By organic traffic we mean, the outcome of unpaid traffic. When visitors land up to your website using Google or the likes, without reference of any other source, you know it is the result of organic traffic.



Creating Engaging Content and Intensifying a Proficient Content Team

An SEO executive has to identify the competitors and analyze accordingly. They themselves should be expertise in the field of content, blogging and copywriting, yet they need to build up the content team and assist the team so as to create effective, genuine, and organic contents. Relevant and quality contents would actually boost up the organic traffic.


Building up SEO Strategies

Yes. It is true that relevant contents would upgrade the ranking under the unpaid result of a web search engine, even then, only this strategy would not be much beneficial. You actually need to identify your target audiences and their interests, and then meet the respective interests accordingly. Along with these strategies, you should be equipped with Google analytics as well. Sound knowledge of Google algorithm is also needed.


Conducting Keyword Research

Categorizing keyword research and building up relevant keyword strategies should be your concern. You may create an Excel template after finding the relevant keywords and plan accordingly. Of course, the Google AdWords keyword tool should be useful here.


Coordination with the Social Media Marketing Team

Social media platforms should also be beneficial in this case. You got it right! Social shares impact SEO as well. Pro on social media platforms? Hence, finding this role to be a child’s play? No. Not really! You need to take charge and raise the number of sharings. That is no easy task. Social sharing actually boosts up the traffic. Now, it should be an appealing task in front of the social media users, so that these people themselves come up and take initiatives to share and promote the page.


Any college graduate may choose SEO as their career path. However, a degree in Marketing or Information Technology may be beneficial. An in-depth knowledge is required before you straight away start with this job profile. You need to have relevant experience in the same field.


Career as an SEO executive is at its booming period in today’s work world, and a person qualified in the field of SEO will always be in high demand.  So, if you want to build up a career in the field of SEO, or want to know more about the life of an SEO executive, you can do it via MyCampusPost. The squad of MyCampusPost will mentor you in every possible way. It will guide you to learn about SEO basics, social bookmarking, SEO blogging, building up keyword strategies, promotion skills in platform like Quora, Google analytics and of course building up your own strategies Hence, I may say that MyCampusPost is your solution if you are planning to take up SEO as your career path.


MyCampusPost integrates you to learn on your own interest and makes you aware of the current work world. You get to do real tasks and then it gets evaluated by experts. Then this MyCampusPost squad will take up the charge to monitor you, guide you and polish you in the correct way. You also get to build up your portfolio here. So it is a process of learning along with gaining work experiences.


So if you want to experience your career before stepping into it as a professional, you need to apply as an SEO intern at MyCampusPost.


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