Things to do before Starting a Marketing Internship

No, interns don’t have to serve teas around. They have to do some valuable work and here we are going to learn some basics things to prepare before joining an internship. 2 min

      Things to do before Starting a Marketing Internship 

We all know how valuable it is in one’s career to have experience. We can start having valuable experience from the time we are in college so it can look good on a resume and mainly can give us the practical knowledge we need. 

No, interns don’t have to serve teas around. They have to do some valuable work and here we are going to learn some basics things to prepare before joining an internship- Marketing Internship.

Get to know the company

Familiarizing with the company is the most crucial step. It is just like going through the syllabus before you start studying for the exam. To know bit more about the company also adds up and shows the seriousness, sincerity, and dedication you have towards the work. While you try to get to know the company it is important to know what are their values, their work etiquette, and their tasks.

With this, you should also understand the company's mission and office hierarchy are crucial aspects of any job. It is important to confirm to whom and where you are reporting. Showing that you understand the fundamental values of the company before your internship even starts will show special dedication to becoming a part of the company.

What is expected of You

We obviously check what type of internships we have applied for and we get the small picture of what is expected of us. But in many cases, interns don’t interpret accurately or the supervisor fails to make them understand. If by any chance you have the slightest confusion then it is better to go ask for help or tell the supervisor to make you understand one more time than sitting in a corner and literally not getting any work done which will make you a poor performer.

You can go through the company’s part ..My Campus Post.htm and read the program so you can get to know the work that is expected from you a little better.


We all know that being punctual is crucial. Time is valuable everywhere, be it in college or going to theatre watching a movie or going to an event. Time also plays a very valuable role in a company. Keep that in mind your ability to procrastinate will never help you. Internships are for a short period of time. So in this time give your 100% in everything. Come early for work and stay late. Never miss a deadline. Never take breaks for too long and try making a positive impression on you. This all small gestures will earn you respect among your colleagues and help you realize the importance of punctuality.

Learn office etiquette

Going from a college classroom to a real-world office setting will definitely require a bit more etiquette than you're used to. The way you used to roam with your friends in the college and use slang language with probable snacks in your hand might be acceptable in college but it won’t be tolerated in office space. It is noticed as an incivility which can degrade you among your colleagues and supervisor as he may think this an act of immaturity.

The simple office etiquette that should be followed is not to munch any eatables, try maintaining a straight posture, talk politely with everyone and make sure to look presentable.

Office dress code

Many companies have gone to old-fashioned formals to the modern informal dress code but still, you should never forget that you are in an office space. You are supposed to look decent in order so people can take you seriously and can follow your words. The meaning of informal means not to wear fancy clothes but to wear comfortable clothes which opens a door of a homely environment and helps to calm your brain and bring out the creativity.

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