Creativity takes courage

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  • Art is something that can attract a person to observe or view due to it beauty and its presentable look. The art also must be a work that can communicate and useful between a viewer and the artist. But of all the beauty in the world, the works of beauty by the Mighty Allah is the infirmity and with His approval the human can create a beautiful art. As said by Hashim Musa (1996) about the concept of arts:

    'Art, for human is the occasion for expression, talking, verbalization and speech, and for the representation of beauty, truth and perfection. '

To express the need in art, an artist should know how to communicate with the viewer, spectator or observer through his art as the medium. The communications that created by the artist have made the art useful and some times meaningful for human. Craft is Art, art done by the artist that so beautiful and useful to the need of its observer. Craft, did have all the concept mention as an artwork. In the word from Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia (2003) were one of it definitions about arts is:

Art is a craft, but not just any sort of craft. It is a craft of expression - of someone's feelings or thoughts, and it can take many forms depending on a chosen medium.

Good art can work on many levels and is capable of many interpretations.Generally speaking, there are no separations between work of art and craft; it is true because in craft the beauty and the purpose for human interest are already generated.

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