13 Reasons Why Season 2 Review

The highly hyped Netflix series 13 reasons why recently aired a second season. Read to know my views on it. Beware of spoilers. #YouHaveBeenWarned3 min

I started watching TV series pretty late and “13 reasons why” was the first TV series I ever saw and oh boy I loved it!

13 reasons why depicts the aftermath of Hannah’s suicide and it’s long term effect on others. At the end of season 1 we were left with many cliff hangers. Season 2 successfully connects us to where we were left a year ago. But what I feel it fails in is maintaining the essence of the show by introducing totally unnecessary plots in the story. The story of season 2 isn’t as gripping as story told by Hannah on season 1.

According to me, 13 reasons why season two was not as good as season one. In fact I personally think that it may have ruined the previous season to some extent.

In season 1, every episode began with a particular tape of Hannah about a person responsible for her suicide, we know how important roles those tapes play. In season 2, every episode is about a character giving testament in the court and a huge attention is given to Polaroids which according to me eventually are of no use and weren’t too necessary to be introduced in the first place.

Another thing that irritated me was Hannah’s relationship with Zach. I agree there wasn’t anything wrong there but doing this the creators highly overshadowed her beautiful relationship with Clay Jensen.

One thing I’m glad for is that the school’s lawsuit won the case and not the Bakers as well as we see the culprit Bryce getting punished though not heavily but that’s what the rich are capable of doing right? So it sounds completely practical. I supported the liberty high school’s lawsuit because the school as a whole wasn’t responsible for Hannah’s death. She herself in addition to some members on her tape were who either got a change of their heart or got reprimanded or silenced.

The 13th episode of season 2 garnered heavy criticism and I totally agree to how unnecessary it was. Those twists in plot were introduced just to continue the series through a third season which I think again is not needed and may feel too stretchy.

The ending of season 2 suggested the chances of season 3 being aired. When I feel the second season itself wasn’t necessary you can comprehend my views about their decision of airing a third season.

The only thing I loved in the series is the natural acting by each and every character. There are times when you feel like crying along with Hannah’s mom, you feel frustrated like Clay Jensen. you feel sorry for Justin , you feel affection towards Zach and many more.

As a whole I would say the season will not live up to your expectations, it will spoil your memories of the first season. The thing you may like is seeing the side of every other character and hearing their story in this season.

Special Mention: The episode where a fight breaks out in the school corridor was the best part in the entire season 2 for me. I enjoyed it to the fullest.


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