Top 5 Gaming Cafes in Navi Mumbai

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As Gaming industry is growing rapidly, the demand for games and gaming cafes are also increasing. The young generation is looking for careers in gaming are also coming forward. Therefore after reading this post you would get to know about the top gamin cafes in Navi Mumbai ( Note: This post is not subjected for superiority of these cafes on rest and maybe other cafe would be better than these given below but this post is written as per my opinion ).

1. Aries Gaming Cafe (Nerul):

Aries gaming cafe is has 10-11 PCs and also it consists of good accessories. It is located near to many eateries and garden with nice environment. Gamers mostly play CSGO and Dota 2 here. The owner is also friendly and the prices are reasonable 40/hr, 200-6 hrs and 300 unlimited for 1 day. Only one problem is that it gets filled very fast but booking is available.

Address88, Jumuni Rd, Sector 21, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706

Phone095940 59796

2. GAMERZ PRIDE Gaming Cafe (Seawoods):

GAMERZ PRIDE gaming cafe has PS4 and many gamers play FIFA , Call Of Duty and other LAN games here. The prices are Rs 100 per hour. There are six consoles and all in good conditions. Many PS4 gamers come here as this place has a good environment and cozy chair too.

AddressShop No. 23, Safal Park, Next to Idbi bank,, Sector 25, Nerul East, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706

3. Arcadium Gaming Cafe (Nerul):

Arcadium gaming cafe is has 10-11 PCs and also it consists of good accessories. The prices are 50/- per hour and full day is 400/-. It has a good surroundings and provides with steam accounts for PUBG, CSGO or Dota 2. This has good specs and the owner is friendly. Booking are available.
AddressShop no. 5 Vrajraj Complex, Sector 11, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706
Phone099304 88859

4. Vertigo (CBD Belapur):

Vertigo Gaming cafe has total of 34 PCs and they have 2 Zone 16 Computers Regular – Rs. 25 Per hour (I3/I5/I7, 4GB RAM, GT740/R240, 60hz to 75hz Monitors) Best for LAN Based CS1.6, FIFA 11 (roster updated), Left4Dead2, NFSMW, Etc 18 Computers 144hz zone – Rs.35 Per Hours (I5, 8GB, GTX750ti, 144hz Monitor) Best for Online gaming CSGO / PUBG / Fortnite / Dota 2. They also run a day unlimited pass for just Rs.250/- (Non-sharing, open to close) Photo ID like Aadhar card is mandatory with valid mobile number. (members or non members). The specifications makes the place a nice gaming cafe.
AddressShop No. 31, Arenja Complex, Sector 8, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400614
Phone095940 00874

5. S.S Cyber Cafe (Vashi):

S.S gaming cafe is has many PCs and provides you with steam account with official CSGO (incase you don’t have one). The prices are reasonable Rs35/per hour and the owner is friendly. Bookings are available and the people are also friendly. Accessories provided are very in good condition also is has good PCs. The environment around is also nice. The cafe is also spacious so no more congestion. Also the thing which makes it unlike other cafes is that they have different gaming zone for gamers and different zone for internet users.
AddressJN2A/13/A-2, Mahalaksmi Apartment, Near Yewale Hospital, Sector 10, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703
Phone081695 32980

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  1. Are there any good computer gaming cafe in Mumbai? Preferrably around Juhu? Fast Computer (1060 or higher) and comfortable seating? Also if you can mention the hourly rate.?