How well do you remember ‘One Direction’?

Flashback to a few years back where you fangirled over your favourite boyband of all times. Take this quiz to see how much of a directioner is still alive in you :") 1 min

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  1. 1 Which one of the following is the only left handed in the group?

    1. Zayn Malik
    2. Liam Payne
    3. Niall Horan

    Correct - Niall Horan

    Of the band One Direction, Niall Horan is the only left handed member but plays the guitar right handed.

  2. 2 The first album 'Up All Night', which one of the songs were co-written by the band?

    1. Same mistakes
    2. Moments
    3. Up All Night

    Correct - Same Mistakes

    In their first album, the band had co-written 4 songs. they were 'Taken', 'Everything about you', 'Same mistakes' and 'Save you tonight'

  3. 3 How many awards have 1D won collectively?

    1. 124
    2. 156
    3. 166

    Correct - 166

    In their journey, 1D has received 324 nominations of which they won 166 including 4 BRIT awards.

  4. 4 Which of the following singers has Harry written songs for?

    1. John Legend
    2. Ariana Grande
    3. James Corden

    Correct - Ariana Grande

    Harry Styles has written 'Beautiful' for Ariana Grande. He has also written for other singers like Alex and Sierra.

  5. 5 What is the name of One Direction's first 3D concert movie?

    1. Part of me
    2. This is Us
    3. Best of both worlds

    Correct - This is Us

    This is Us, the first 3D concert movie of One Direction was released in August 2013 where filmmaker Morgan Spurlock followed the band on their 2012-13 World Tour.

  6. 6 At what place did the boys finish at the end of X Factor 2010?

    1. First
    2. Second
    3. Third

    Correct - Third

    One Direction placed III at the end of X Factor 2010. the winner of the show was Matt Crade followed by Rebecca Ferguson.

  7. 7 Who is the oldest member of the band in terms of age?

    1. Niall Horan
    2. Louis Tomilson
    3. Harry Styles

    Correct - Louis Tomilson

    Pretty basic trivia but it is surprising to to know that Louis Tomilson is the oldest of em all. he was born on 24 December 1991.

  8. 8 What is One Direction's famous pre-gig ritual?

    1. Eating rotisserie chicken
    2. Eating Haribo sweets
    3. Drinking Whisky and Latin chant

    Correct - Eating haribo sweets

    According to the band heating haribo sweets before again is like drinking and gets them good luck.

How well do you remember 'One Direction'?

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