11 Underrated Lines From Movies That Explain How Heartbreaks Actually Make You Feel

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For instance, the scene in Rockstar when Heer hugs Jordan's pullover and cries.

The pain in Heer's eyes and Rahman's music made that moment freeze in our hearts forever. Films have the rare magic of making you feel that you're not alone. Everyone goes through similar situations in life and films and the characters give us sweet reassurances on the same.

The climax of Kal Ho Naa Ho made us realize that not all endings are bitter. You move on in life and keep the memories of that person intact. Heartbreaks are not always about breakups.

Sometimes, losing a friend causes as much pain too. When it comes to pain and heartbreaks, films surely have bowled us over with the most honest and unadulterated scenes. Recalling some of those, here are 11 of our favorite and most underrated lines that made us realise how pain and heartbreaks actually make us feel.












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