Should girls ask guys out?

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Is it because they are too scared? Or because they just can't handle denial or is it because their egos are the size of Titanic?
A dozen alleged reasons but the question still remains intact. So, should girls ask guys out? If yes, then why don't they? Why keep crushing on a guy from a distance and wait for him to make the first move and if he doesn't, spend weeks regretting with a sorry face and "Jag soona soona" on repeat. Why not save themselves all the trouble and tears and, well, tissues. Why is the guy always the one to make the first move? Why should he always be the one to face REJECTIONS, DENIALS, HEARTBREAKS? Why should he? WHY?????

  1. 1 The nation wants to know!!

    It dates back to the eighteenth century when British started imposing their culture on Indians and British chivalry started to run in the blood of Indian men as well. Starting from pulling out chairs, to opening doors for women, men did it all and from then onwards it became an unsaid convention that when it comes down to taking the lead, men would do it.

    Does it sound irrelevant? Well, obviously it does!!  You want to  know what actually happened?? BOLLYWOOD!!!

  2. 2 Mai fir bhi tumko chahunga...

    Guys going down on their knees to get her!! Guys fighting her entire clan to get her!!! Guys challenging her gigantic fiance for a dual to get her!! Guys spilling more blood than their body actually had to get her!! Guys fighting more guys fighting even more guys to get her!! Guys fighting ghosts and witches to get her!! Guys writing letters in blood to get her!! Guys fighting a humangasaur to get her!! Dead guys trying to kill her to get her ghost!! Guys struggling out of a lochness monster after being swallowed by it to get her!! And what not. Movies had it all. People just took it a bit too seriously. I mean ofcourse sparing the supernatural part, rest is kinda normal these days especially the blood spilling, and now, apparently guys are pretty tired of this ancient convention but the girls just don't seem to be too keen to let it go.

  3. 3 Paramparaa guys...PARAMPARAA!!

    Its common ideology the same way blue is called a boyish colour and pink is called a girlish colour, asking out is considered a thing that should be done by boys. Sakshi says that girls are a bit too concerned about their self respect and image to actually approach a guy upfront. When asked if she would ask a guy out, "may be, but I'd be too scared" . Parul on the other hand says that she won't even try, even if she knows that the guy likes her as well, she won't and would rather wait for the guy to take the first step. Hats off to all the guys who are gutsy enough to put their "self respect and image" at risk every other day.

    P.s.- thats sakshi in the frame :p

  4. 4 Kuch toh log kahenge...

    Another centuries old problem that has it's roots buried firmly all over India which is much more serious than overpopulation and poverty that arises in the way is "log kya kahenge"!!. Girls are way too concerned about the aftermath. The guy rejecting them won't bother them as much as the event turning into a rumour would because everyone has a friend "jo kisi ko nahi bataega" says Priya (look at that picture though :p). When asked if she would ask a guy out she says that she might, but not infront of everyone
    "Agar bezzati kar k bhaga dia toh?". So guys, next time a girl approaches you (however minuscule the chances might be) be kind to her. I know the inner desire to seek revenge for years mental torture of being rejected would be too great to control but you being mean to them would probably cast a pretty hardcore blow at their rather sensitive egos.

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  1. An amazingly written witty article…had so much fun reading it..Its high time that girls take a charge in this matter too, keeping their ego and apprehensions aside..

  2. I have just finished reading the article you wrote, what an article it was, you did an amazing job, even though you are a girl, you clearly expressed the boy’s frustration on this topic. Thank you for posting such a thought-provoking article. just keep on doing like this.. all the best


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