These ‘would you rather’ questions will put you in a dilemma

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  1. 1) If you got a million dollars, would you rather

    1. Sleep all day and never work again
    2. Travel to all the places on your bucket list and more
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  2. 2) Would you rather

    1. Spicy-1.gif
      Never eat spicy again
    2. telos-1.gif
      Never eat sweet treats again
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  3. 3) If you were given a superpower, would you rather

    1. giphy-7.gif
      Be invisible
    2. tenor-5.gif
      Be able to read minds
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  4. 4) Would you rather

    1. TautTepidAmericanbadger-size_restricted.gif
      Lose your ability to read
    2. fear-gif.gif
      Lose your ability to taste
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  5. 5) Would you rather

    1. 5ae5b9a5f93896d950244fabea26e844.gif
      Go back in time and change the past
    2. giphy_4-1.gif
      Go to the future and modify it
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  6. 6) Would you rather

    1. popular2.gif
      Have people know every single detail about you
    2. tumblr_m9ozu7jv381r82bbmo1_250.gif
      Have people ignore your sheer existence
    6 votes
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  7. 7) Would you rather

    1. Live amidst the mountains
    2. Live by the sea
    7 votes
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  8. 8) Would you rather have a

    1. tumblr_mrhq44IAW41savw76o1_500.gif
      Great school life
    2. 635765706458785810-837726892_tumblr_m3m1n8AVBv1rp95rio1_500.gif
      Great college life
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  9. 9) Would you rather

    1. giphy-1-3.gif
      Have a great social life and terrible grades
    2. giphy-2-2.gif
      Have the best grades and a non-existent social life
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  10. 10) Would you rather get caught

    1. Digging your nose in public
    2. 8-types-of-farts-weve-all-experienced-secretly-world-of-buzz-6.gif
      Farting in public
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