5 Kate Spade Essentials All Modern Ladies Must Have

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Renowned fashion designer, Kate Spade, passed away on June 5th at the age of 55. Ever since the brand’s beginnings in the 1990’s, Kate Spade left behind iconic designs that changed the industry for the years to come. Her novelty bags and other accessories remain the favorite of many women from all kinds of backgrounds.

To celebrate her contribution to the fashion industry, here are some essentials from Kate Spade New York all modern ladies must have.

  1. 1 Kate Spade Nylon Dome Bag

    Kate Spade bags come in many forms; there are functional bags for women who seek practicality or fashion-forward pieces for those who want to stand out in the crowd. The Kate Spade nylon dome bag is the best of both worlds as it can fit a lot of items inside and has intricate designs on the exterior.

  2. 2 Kate Spade Wristlet

    A wristlet is so handy when you’re in a rush or running errands. You can use wristlets as your coin purse, a key pouch, document holder, or a cardholder. Pouches from Kate Spade New York are chic, timeless, and highly functional. You won’t need to carry your daily necessities separately when you have the Kate Spade wristletwallet.

  3. 3 Kate Spade Passport Holder

    For the jetsetting women, the Kate Spade passport holder will be a godsend. Aside from being able to place your passport in it securely, you can also fit your flight ticket, itinerary, credit cards, and more. You can also match your passport holder with your Kate Spade bag. With this affordable yet stylish Kate Spade essential, traveling will be such a breeze.

  4. 4 Kate Spade Agenda

    Kate Spade also ventured into stationery design and her agendas are some of the best planners all busy bees can use. You can easily write down your thoughts, keep track of schedules, and create to-do lists. Designed by Italian illustrator, Andrea Ferolla, the Kate Spade zodiac planner above will surely keep you motivated when you’re journaling.

  5. 5 Kate Spade Watch

    A watch is truly essential for a modern woman’s daily needs. You can keep track of time in style with Kate Spade’s elegant timepieces. Go for the simple Kate Spade watch for a sophisticated look or try one of her novelty watches with unique designs if you’re looking for something more out of the box.

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