Meet The Top Fashion Bloggers In Kolkata!

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Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

-Marilyn Monroe(fashion icon)

Boring is the last word on their minds. They give you ultimate closet goals! They tell you what to throw away from your wardrobe and what to cherish. From the city of joy-Kolkata, presenting the top fashion bloggers:


1> Chikky Goenka, Style-o-graph

The mastermind behind Made in Bengal, an initiative to promote Bengali fashion nation-wide, Chikky goenka has really got the style and the looks for it. Young and beautiful, Chikky is not afraid to mix-n-match dangerous, killer combinations!  Have a look at the pictures below and see for yourself:

cool, effortless getup
uber cool Chikky

If you loved this one, i bet the next one will blow you away:

Pretty in Pink
Ethnic wear looks amazing if you know how to spice things up like Chikky here!

2>Shreya Jhunjhunwala – A Mug Full Of Style

Shreya writes about everything there is to write about in fashion: bags, shoes, accessories.

She has an amazing, sustainable sense of style with a unique specialization in bridal fashion. Be it Bridal Fashion or Bridesmaids dresses after marriage functions, she’s got her own way with it all.

girl next door
girl next door look with a fresh twist


She also writes about Bengali Traditional Wear and how to innovate things on the go.
3>Astha Modi, BlabberCat

Astha Modi, editor in chief at BlabberCat, has written for Femina, the Telegraph and Marwar Magazine.Her blog, the blabbercat will guide you on a-z fashion etiquettes such as travelling in style, acing the summer friendly look. Here are some of her glamorous looks:

latest fashion in sarees
That is so rock-chick
ethnic wear
Going to a traditional function? Work things up like Astha here

Click here for hairstyles to match with these glam looks

4>Aditya Jain

Yes, he’s a guy. Yes he’s got a fashion sense as fresh as any of the other ladies on this column.  His blog Look Suave, Spend Wise deals with affordable fashion for men who are budget-bound. If there’s anything we like more than fashionable women, its fashionable men. Here’s the man:

Mens Fashion
Who says guys cant pull off pink?

Mr Sauve has taken an Oath to not ‘sensationalise’ anything unnecessary and promotes effortless fashion.He’s into quicker and easier ways to look coolwith minimum pressure on your pockets. Here’s one more effortless picture we cant get enough of:

effortless and trendy
effortless and trendy

5>Nikita Agarwal, Pen Twister

Her blog Pen Twister is all about fashion, food, travel and lifestyle. Her fashion guidelines are great for anyone willing to incorporate traditional wear into their regular get-ups.  Bold and sexy, her looks involve all things now-and-trending!

boho-chick look

With Pen Twister becoming more and more popular by the day, Nikita herself is frequentlly busy shopping online.


chill, tending
#chill #trending


So these were the five fashion bloggers whose fashion guides are up for grabs- from their blogs or from their instagram accounts.

Have fun and stay fashionable!

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