Fashion Trends May Come & Go But Classics Stay On Forever: 9 Pieces That Prove Just That!

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There are two kinds of fashion lovers in the world… one who follows and keeps up with the latest trends and the one who is a free spirit keeping their personal style statement at the starter line. Whether you choose to acknowledge the current trends in the industry or not, there is no denying that there some classics in the world of fashion that have and will always demand premier attention from us. These are the trends that never go out of style, regardless of the season, year or decade!

We rounded up a few of these timeless trends right here for some fresh off the rack fashion education. Not only do we have the deets on some of the most beloved fashion trends ever, we also have a few recommendations for your closet to update it with the essentials as well. Happy learning!

  1. 1 Skinny Jeans

    Sure all the distressed and mom jeans make a lot of noise, it is the skinny jean that always holds the top spot when it comes to classic denim. They are a very flattering style on most body types and a wardrobe staple of young women everywhere!

  2. 2 Court Shoes

    Court shoes or pumps are arguably the top dog of formal footwear for women. When it comes to doing high heels like a purist, these heeled pumps come in as THE minimalist and stylish choice for a wide range of ensembles. They just have to be classy and you are sure to make a statement out of them.

  3. 3 Hoop Earrings

    The hoop earring has been a recognisable symbol in many cultures throughout history. Made in the design of earliest forms of jewellery, hoop earrings have been literally around for ages. After a brief hiatus, the trend resurfaced in the 90s and has been going strong ever since!

  4. 4 The Black Dress

    Born from the genius mind of Coco Chanel, the LBD didn't become what it is today instantly. Touted as the one thing every woman should have in her closet, black mini and midi dresses are indeed a timeless classic. Why? They don't need an accessory of add-on to look like a total knockout!

  5. 5 The Classic White Blouse

    Button downs, plain white tees and statement blouses... the classic white shirt is a trend that women don't seem to be letting go of anytime soon. They afford the wearer a certain finesse in their look while keeping it minimal and easy to wear.

  6. 6 Pantsuits

    Women's fashion inspired by menswear have always done well in fashion circles. Whether it is the androgynous look, boyfriend jeans, or the pantsuit, these fashion trends remain relevant due to their gender-neutral appeal and unique styling.

  7. 7 Animal Prints

    Animal prints have around for ages. The reason they keep coming back is that they are almost like neutrals, made primarily of beige, black and brown, they remain seasonless and versatile to wear all year round

  8. 8 Floral Anything And Everything

    First originating from Japanese kimonos, florals are a print that has adorned women's clothing for a long time. Quite simply put, they are pretty, thus staying around on clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories alike.

  9. 9 White Sneakers

    Hark it up to the athleisure trend that brought back white sneakers into the limelight. This classic trend has now taken over other genres as well, with some of our most stylish celebrities wearing them with almost everything (even lehengas!)

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