Indian Fashion And Culture Is Such An Unexplored Mystery, Have You Ever Wondered Why?

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Lucknow, the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh became famous for its Chikan work embroidery that was basically done with a white thread on pastel colour clothes. Kurta is the most famous product of the work but since the market is blooming, one can now find Chikankari bed sheets and table cloth.


Tribal jewelry from Jharkhand is special as it is one of the prime interests of the tribes and secondly the art is rare and less known. The major jewelry would be neck pieces, earrings and ornaments worn on the wrists and other parts of the arm. Brass, bell-metal, silver and gold are chiefly used to make jewelry by the tribes.


Assamese attires, Mekhela Chadar and Gamcha are those precious gifts that will always have the fragrance of India. Mekhla Chadar is women attire with patterns that are mostly inspired by nature. Gamcha or Gamusa is mostly seen in white colour with red border and is made of Pat Silk is a symbol of welcoming someone.


One of the ideal things to buy from Manipur would be Kauna Mats and Cushions. Kauna is a reed that grows in the marshes and wetlands of Manipur. The Kauna reed is basically hand-woven to make various items like chairs, stools, bags, mats and cushions out of it.


Warli paintings are the speciality of Maharashtra. Warli is a tribe in Maharashtra that indulges in this beautiful art form. A Warli painting would include images of human, animal and scenes from the daily routines of people, the drawings are usually done with white colour, whereas the background remains red. One has the choice to buy Warli Paintings done on cloth and paper.


The Nizams love for pearls was to an extent that they turned Hyderabad into a hotspot for pearls. At Hyderabad, one can find a variety of pearls from all around the world in hundreds of shops across the city. Fine quality pearls are guaranteed in Hyderabad, which can be fitted in to rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings etc.


Bidri metal inlay work is said to have been brought by Bahamani rulers that ruled in 14th and 15th century in Bidar, Karnataka. Bidri work is said to be one of the finest examples of craftsmanship in India.


The interesting wood arts comes from Kerala. Boxes, small models of animals, ashtrays, Kathakali dance postures, candle stands etc are the fine products that are made of sandalwood and has carvings. The major sandalwood carving industries are located in the districts Cochin, Trichur, Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam.


Pashmina is expensive, it is one of the most preferred gift items from India. Pashmina is called ‘Soft Cold’ in the local language. Made from the wool of three kinds of Pashmina goats, the items are made of fine handspun fibre. Pashmina Shawls make an elegant present from India.


If Bengali language is so sweet then imagine how sweet will the mouthwatering sweets be. Apart from the most famous Rosogolla you will also fall in love with Kora Pak Sandesh, Mishti Doi, Chom-Chom and Cchaanar Jilipi.

The most popular traditional saree worn by the women of Kolkata especially during the world famous Durga Puja is the 'Lal Paar' saree or white saree with red border. Kolkata is also famous for its exquisite silk sarees namely the Vishnupuri and Tassar silk. Sarees with Jamdani work are also very popular as they look very elegant and gorgeous.

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