Pants Trend: 9 Bottom-wears Every Girl Must Have In Her Wardrobe

We say ditch your old and boring denims. 1 min


Flaunting legs in style not only mean wearing that short red dress. We now have an array of fashionable pants at our disposal, so no need to reveal it to flaunt it. We have all noticed a shift in this trend a few years back, and today we see it at its peak. Different styles are coming out every year, and they are super comfortable and also sexy.

Versatile. Numerous fabrics. Prints. Designs. Colors. It has all. Hence your wardrobe is totally incomplete without these. Here are 9 different bottom wear  trends for you:

  1. 1 Regular palazzo pants

    For people who do not like fit denims coz they feel they are unable to breathe, palazzos are the solution. A perfect attire for college and classes, it makes you look both cool and casual.

  2. 2 Sheer palazzo pants

    These wide-legged sheer palazzo pants are perfect when you just want to show a hint of your skin. It acts as an amazing add on to your look, all you gotta do is tem them with something super stylish.

  3. 3 Culotte pants

    Shorter version of palazzos with the same amount of comfort. A sassy option to replace your boring bottom-wears and follow the new trend. Classy, comfy, and stylish- all in one.

  4. 4 Flare pants

    Printed or plain colored, flare pants look stylish either way. Team it up with a simple top and minimal make up. Wear them to college for a comfortable and casual look.

  5. 5 Striped pants

    Striped pants are a sassy option to replace your jeans and denims. Pair them with anything- from tops to kurtis, and you will never go wrong.

  6. 6 Cropped skinnies

    Colored skinnies are just perfect for college or post-college hangout.  Truly a fashion classic, have as many of them as you want to coz they are simply wow. 

  7. 7 Harem pants

    These pants date back to your parents’ time, but fashion enthusiasts believe that old is gold. Hence they keep on inventing creative designs to the retro pattern. So, wear them to your classes for a super cute avatar.

  8. 8 Floral effect

    Everyone wears florals and stuff on their tops, give your fashion a fresh twist by wearing them in bottom-wears. Pair them with bright plain colored tees and flaunt your new look.

  9. 9 Print it all

    Now that you have been experimenting so much, why not do a little more? Go for these printed bottoms along with printed tops, and nail the look. Simple accessories and minimal makeup, and you are done.

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