Sridevi has some serious fashion goals for college goers.

From her beautifully-draped sarees to her casual t-shirt looks, this gracious actor’s appearance is as iconic as her acting prowess. Fashion lovers take inspiration. 1 min

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  1. 1 For everyday lectures

    These denim blue legs with a peppy scarf around the neck is a go-get-it for your daily wear. Add it with a classy bag and sunglasses, and you stand out from the crowd. 

    Pair them with comfortable sneakers so that you are not tired of walking class to class.

  2. 2 For some seminar seriousness

    There is a reason why this beautiful lady is a muse of all fashion designers. The picture says it all. Adorn yourself with some of these bright colored jumpsuits, and add some glamour to your boring seminars.

  3. 3 Some corporate presentation goals

    Be it a graceful sari look or an elegant formal impression, Sridevi aces it all.

    Tucked in proper shirts and trousers, with a bright colored blazer, you are sure to give some serious

    envy to others.

    This demeanor is sure to set the mood of the presentation.

  4. 4 A lot can happen in the happening cultural fests

    Aww the audience with your delightful fashion sense and an array of apparels. Add some hotness to your wardrobe, especially during this time. Add up radiant colors and play with them, to suit your best.

    Sridevi gives you serious experimental looks.

  5. 5 A happy touch to your exam phobia

    Exams are generally a terrifying part of college life. A simple suggestion is to create some happy vibes by dressing up nicely.Clothes have the power to solve nearly all our problems! 

    Add this geeky and comfortable look to your wardrobe, and ease out the exam pressure. 

  6. 6 A fresh look for the freshers party

     This day can yay or nay your appearance.Make it your goal to look your best on freshers day.Let pastels breathe fresh and add itself to your closet.

    Dress your best and get ready for some eye-popping.

  7. 7 The Final Goodbye

    Your college has given you a lot of memories, so it is payback time now!! Convocation calls for a synthesis of white and Indian. Stay poised and nail the print trend this spring.

    Get inspired by the hottest diva of her time, and add some ritzy collection to your wardrobe. 

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