10 Body Piercing Trend Every College Girl Would Be Eager To Know

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We live in an age where innovation and experimentation is the mantra, and the definition of normal chages every day. Piercings are just the perfect way to add a sassy look to your attire. Although the piercing trend is nothing new to the world, it is said that people will always find different and creative ways to pack hoops and studs in their body.

Lately, Instagram has been flooding with pictures of engagement piercings. Boys and girls proudly show off their hands with an engagement pose. However, instead of a diamond placed atop a ring, they have a diamond pierced in their ring finger. It’s like a ring floating above the skin.

Talk of this new trend is ramping up and we are here with 10 different piercing trends every college girl would be eager to know (and get).

  1. 1 Upper lobe piercing

    Opt for this piercing if you want a classy and elegant look with the least amount of pain.

  2. 2 Rook piercing

    Opt for this one if you are someone who loves experimenting and going off the beat. The pain would be worth the compliments. 

  3. 3 Helix piercing

    This one shouts bold and rebellious, and is a favorite of those kinda people. The best part of this piercing is that it can be played up in a lot of ways.

  4. 4 Monroe piercing

    If you like to ditch the common fashion trends, and start a trend of your own then this one is for you. But is going to pain a lot...don't say we didn't warn you!

  5. 5 Nose piercing

    Sometimes made fun of by the people calling it aunty-type. But seems like they have a low fashion sense. Pump up your nose piercing with a stud or a ring, and you are good to go.

  6. 6 Forward helix piercing

    This piercing runs along side the head.  Paired with elegant studs, this becomes a perfect eye catching look

  7. 7 Navel piercing

    This will be the perfect accessory to glam up your crop-top-look. Simply perfect for the Spring.

  8. 8 Daith piercing

    A lovely alternative to the standard helix piercings. 

  9. 9 Tragus piercing

    If you are up for some challenge, then go for this because it is one of the most visually appealing piercings. Best worn with single studs, but there is always room for experiments.

  10. 10 Anti-tragus piercing

    A great thing for someone wanting to go out of the box. But remember, it comes with a lot of pain.

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