11 great things that happen when you study away from your hometown

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Life has a habit of surprising, but who would’ve known that moving away from your hometown would mean collapsing, breaking and re-building, all at once. When you leave your hometown, you will not only leave your house, family, friends and things but you will leave yourself too.

Psychologists call it as Transcient Hypofrontality. The best ideas you can get when you’re out of the world and not in the world; out of usual environment but not in the usual environment. When you study away from your local town or place, you’ll get exposed to new places and where your enthusiasm boosts up to show the best. Make a time blocking to stay away from your regular place and it will be amazing.

Now that a choice has been made, it must be ridden upon. So here are a few transformations you will face, as you embark on this life-changing voyage.

  1. 1 Discover your ground

    The society is finally moving on from the age old tradition of imposing their rights on the careers of students (Read: If you’re not an engineer or a doctor, you are a failure). Staying away from your hometown gives you the opportunity to pursue whatever you feel like, and to find your passion.

  2. 2 Positive Introspection

    It is time for hard reflection on your past acts and finding who you are as a person. This time when you are actually lonely, you will be compelled to dig inside and embark on a deep soul search. This search will reveal who you are and where you stand in this cruel world.

  3. 3 Holding on to long distance relations

    Until today, your mom was a room away and your best-friend maybe a few lanes. It was easy to meet them and feel their warmth by the mandatory hugs. But now, they are a few thousand miles away and you are engrossed in settling into your new surroundings. These relationships have to bear the test of time. Believe me, in the end it all works out.

  4. 4 Building new relations


    We are a social beings, and we would seize to exist at the absence of society. Everyone begins with a clean slate. Every relation needs to be worked on and built over time. It’s not easy and you will feel that nothing is going your way. But as time progresses, you will find the people you can truly confide in.

  5. 5 Life gives you real hardships

    Until now troubles were limited to missing the school bus or pulling all-nighters before an exam. The troubles that are actually real are thrown at you, from the moment you step off that flight, like finding the most cost-effective and speedy way of reaching the lodge. Hunting for food and finally understanding the importance of “Maa Ke Haath ka Khana”

  6. 6 Understanding different kinds of people

    In this journey you will come across scores of people from all walks of life. It won’t be long before you give up that judgmental attitude. You start embracing the diversity and realizing what makes those people different from you.

  7. 7 Managing your expenses


    Let’s face it, we can’t live under the assumption that someday our parents will claim that “It was all a lie, we’re actually billionaires”. You will start scouting for offers and budget friendly takeaways. You will finally start taking sensible decisions regarding money.

  8. 8 Understand the importance of your family


    No matter how many people cross our paths, in the end it’s family that has your back, and promises to stick with you in your thick and thin. Maybe in the early days you might be mesmerized by the new setting and atmosphere, and you end up neglecting your family. Sooner than later you will crawl back to them and assuredly, they will hug you with open arms.

  9. 9 Harness novel experiences


    You will witness a plethora of opportunities and choices coming your way. These will be a novel experience that will transform you. You will learn that it’s not about fighting the authorities, but actually adapting to the changing needs and times.

  10. 10 Losing the fear of unknown

    This change will equip you in handling mysterious and unknown spheres. The fear to try something new will wane away as you move forward in this journey. There's always light at the end of the tunnel.

  11. 11 Revelations

    Remember, that this new life will be filled with revelations and surprises that you would have never expected.

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