5 Differences Between Book Lovers and Movie Lovers

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Some of us have a clear choice between a book or movie, some of us may falter at picking one from the given options but for a fact, you can’t love two things equally at once.

So, let us see some major differences between the two parallels: the book lovers and the movie lovers.

  1. 1 The Imaginative Aspect


    Now a great book is one that tests your imagination and the mind's eye sharpens as you keep on reading 'triggering-your-imagination' stuff. It helps people improve creativity. As for movies, it is generally argued that our imagination doesn't benefit with it but to think of the possible interpretation of the visualizations in author's mind and the whole team that works to create a satisfactory replica of an individual's perspective. Movies are not for the faint-minded only. Requires helluva effort and brains.

  2. 2 The Technological Aspect


    As a book lover you can stay away from technology for a longer period. Booklovers can even read in candlelight if there's no power but being a movie lover, you are fully enjoying technological pleasures and for you, if there is no power, dear, just keep your phone/laptop charged or you'll be doomed.

  3. 3 The Test of Your Patience


    Book lovers enjoy details. They like it elaborative and expanded. They are ready to face every obstacle, in their path to that beautiful end. The movie lovers like it precise and adequate, so they can be deemed as impatient by this cruel world. In this context, I will never agree to the quote,"Slow and steady wins the race" because both are winners. Yay!

  4. 4 The Principles of Borrowing and Lending


    Book lovers often face heartache and betrayal when one of their half-read book is taken away and never reaches back to them and hence, there's a lot of mistrust in book lovers for spreading out the source of their entertainment and imagination but the perks of being a movie lover help share the perks with everybody. The source of this expansion being pendrives and hard disks. Not to mention the joy of discussing the end and the plotline on phone, and better, in person. So the difference between sceptical generosity and forbearing generosity.

  5. 5 The Determination of Personalities


    It can't be necessarily said that book lovers are introverts but yes, of course, they like to spend time alone to grasp all characters and details of that very beautiful book. They won't mind skipping a party or any group activity for the pleasure of reading. Movie lovers, on the other hand, would go out and prefer to watch a movie in a group. Group activities with peers include the topmost demand of a movie together. But a true movie lover would indulge equally in the pleasure of a lone experience. Does break personality stereotypes, doesn't it?

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  1. Good article, but could have been more creative regarding this topic. Be it a movie or book lovers, the imaginative aspects depends on the personality of the readers and watchers, so that is contradictory. Good work though . 🙂