5 places in Pune which serves fantastic desserts and must visit for every dessert lover

As we all know and believe that eating a dessert after a good meal is the most wonderful feeling in the world,here are some classic and some innovative desserts 1 min

  1. 1 Shiv Kailash

    This is a small pretty place which serves a popular Indian dessert called basundi,they have done a twist in the presentation of simple basundi,they serve the basundi with mango or pista ice-cream,the basundi is rich creamy with perfect consistency,the dish will definitely take your sweet tooth to the next level

    Address:Opp pune station,sasson road,Pune

    Time:8am to 12midnight

  2. 2 La kheer deli

    A unique name and a unique dessert,this place has taken a simple Indian dessert kheer(rice pudding) to a whole new level,they have infused different flavors like gulkand,nutella,mocha in kheer,the following are the highly recommended desserts at this place




    Address:Next to natural's ice-cream,JM road,Pune

    Time:12pm to 12am

  3. 3 Origin bistro

    The cafe is located in one of the most happening areas of Pune,the cafe serves some lip smacking food and is perfect to kill your instant hunger,coming on to the point of the dessert,the place serves an amazing cup of hot choclate,the balance of milk and the choclate in this cup are perfectly balanced,the hot choclate at this place will take your sweet tooth to a whole new level 

    AddressThe capital,baner pashan link road,Pune

    Time:9am to 11pm

  4. 4 Zaika spice cream

    The most innovative ice cream,the ice cream at this place is made with Indian spices,yes the ice cream at this place is made with spices,the sweetness of the ice cream and the spicy taste are perfectly balanced,the creamy taste of the ice cream and the spicy taste in the middle is just a royal treat to your tastebuds,the different flavors of ice creams are nutmeg,rose petals,honey bay leaf

    Address:Fc road,Pune

    1. Time:11am to 11:30pm
  5. 5 Kadhai

    The place is located below a mall,the place serves some Indian desserts at the same time the place is pocket friendly,rabdi jalebi is a highly recommended dessert at this place,hot jalebi drenched in chilled and creamy rabdi,the combination is just irrestible

    Address:Ozone mall,aundh

    Time:8am to 10pm

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