7 local food places you need to know if you are a new student in Pune

All the famous food joints with the best taste and student friendly budget. 1 min

  1. 1 Vaishali

    Located at FC Road.

    Offers affordable multi-cuisines and definitely worth the hype. It has a wide variety of snacks and dishes that will fill your tummy just the way you wish it to. Favourite of the people of Pune and a must-visit. 

  2. 2 Irani Cafe

    Located in viman nagar.

    One of the best irani cafe in Pune. Irani Cafe presents a blend of history and culture and offers food with rich spices and peculiar taste. No foodie can miss this in Pune.

  3. 3 Kayani Bakery

    After being shut for nearly a month, Kayani Bakery finally reopened. Golden, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth Shrewsbury biscuits. Named after a town in Shropshire, England, Shrewsbury biscuits are synonymous with Kayani. It also has a very vintage vibe to it.

  4. 4 Dosa Stori

    Located in Viman nagar. A newly opened cafe and bistro that became successful too fast. Favourite and affordable place for all the students to go to. The food is amazing and the ambience is pretty and spacious. 

  5. 5 German Bakery

    Located in Koregaon park and SB Road.

    A culture destination of Pune. You will often see tourists and foreigners visit the place. Their famous culinary offerings include Masala Chai, a variety of Omelettes, Kheema Pao, Fish ‘n’ Chips, Salads, Corn Broccoli Chowder Soup, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, Juices, Deserts & Cookies.

  6. 6 Chopsticks Spice Malabar

    Chopsticks Spice Malabar is located in viman nagar and hadapsar. They offer the typical south Indian food. Their speciality is authentic kerala food. 

  7. 7 Shabree

    Located on FC road. 

    Known for its authentic and delicious proper maharashtian thalis and food. 

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  1. It is really an informative article which gives an insight into the best local food places in Pune. Looking forward for more such posts!