College days are supposed to be one among the best and memorable days spent in your life but with limited money in pocket, it's important to live frugally. 1 min


Here are some hacks that can help you lead a cool college life.

  1. 1 Change the temperatures.

       It's a hot day outside and your room's heating up as well. You're drenched in sweat thinking of how you could get rid of this heat. Well, try this out.

       Hang a damp towel over an open window and see the hot air turn cool. Now this is a literal definition of making your college life cool.

  2. 2 Let's make the paarty!!

       In a mood to wing-ding but don't have the music equipment? Take two cups and a cardboad roll. Make a slit in the cardboard roll and place your phone's speaker in there. Make a hole in both the cups in such a way that the cardboard roll fits in it and now you have a self-made speaker.  So, let's make the paaaaarty!!

  3. 3 The best proxy.

    Want to download a movie for the weekend but you can't because the campus internet is blocking the website?  "You can use google translate as a proxy by just pasting the URL in there." Now go grab some popcorn and come back while google translate does the job for you.

  4. 4 Ugh! Pimples

    Have a date but a nasty pimple is ruining it for you? Get rid of it in minutes by dabbing it with a pinch of listerine. The alcohol present in it shall dry it up letting the pimple to fade. 

  5. 5 Iron without an iron

    Wrinkled clothes can be ironed without an iron as well, Take a steel container and fill it with hot water. Gently press and rub the clothes with the bottom of the container and now you have your clothes freed from wrinkles.

    or else

     you can fold them neatly and keep them under your bed before going to sleep. So, you wake up in the morning to see your clothes neat and wrinkle free. ( Try this method only if you are sure that you wouldn't move while sleeping )

  6. 6 The Pizza pan

    Wondering what to do with all those pizza boxes lying around in your room?Don't worry, you can use them as a dust pan to clean up your room. 

  7. 7 Super batteries

     Have devices that run on batteries but can't afford to have long lasting batteries? Take the batteries that you have and rub the ends together. This helps in increasing the battery life. 

  8. 8 Fly so cheap dude!!

    ( for those who study at places far from home ) 

    Want to have the best of cheap flight tickets to go home or to come back to college, Tuesdays at 3 pm, Six weeks before your flight is the best time to book your tickets. 

    So with these super-cool life hacks , you can make your college life interesting and memorable.

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  1. The tips provided are so useful and the way you’ve conveyed it so engaging. There will not be a person who wouldn’t complete the list.