8 Things That Prove You’re From B.Com Morning in St. Xavier’s College

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For so many of us, getting into the prestigious B.Com program in St. Xavier’s College was the ultimate dream after the class 12 board exams. Part of the deal included sacrificing one’s best hours of sleep to make it in time for classes, among other things. Here are 8 things you can readily relate to if you study or have studied in the morning B.Com batch!

  1. 1 Attendance is supreme!

    For Xaverians, attendance is everything, even if it means sleeping with their eyes open in those early morning classes!

  2. 2 Being Seated Roll Number Wise

    70-odd students make up the average B.Com morning class, and seating is according to roll number, which is also what professors address students as. Here your identity is not your name, but your roll number!

  3. 3 No girls!

    Unlike the evening B.Com batch which is co-ed, the morning B.Com batch is all boys. For those of you from all-boys schools, we feel your frustration!

  4. 4 Breakfast at ATS

    This is the quintessential breakfast spot where hordes of Xaverians gather around Arun Tea Stall for kachori, samosa and chai . These items are necessary eye-openers after painfully struggling to keep awake for three consecutive classes!

  5. 5 Feeling Sleepy Even After The Break

    Everybody looks forward to the much needed half an hour break after the third period - only to end up dozing again in the fourth!

  6. 6 CIAs

    No, this is not the investigation agency, but the abbreviation for midterm exams for each subject. Called Continuous Internal Assessment, and with one typically every Saturday, they truly live up to their name, keeping students on their toes!

  7. 7 Condonation Fees

    This is the price one has to pay for enjoying an extended vacation during the college session should one's attendance drop below 75%!

  8. 8 Being Sent To The Library

    This is what happens if you're late for a class or are caught talking too much - in which case you lose attendance AND get sent to the library. 

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