An open letter to the 15-year old me

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To the 15-year-old me,

Right now, you’re 15. You are a rebel. You’ve declared war on a dozen things already. But, the funnier part is, you are probably way more comfortable, than you’ll ever manage to be.

You still think you can make it big as a cricketer or a novelist-poet. On the other hand, you haven’t quite figured out how to crack interviews. I’m sure you have no clue of how to file your IT returns.

You are good, you are confident. You are messy and you are chaotic. You hardly study but still find a way to get your answers right in your exams.

15 years of life has taught you nothing comes easy. You are ready to fight for almost everything. You are way too hard on yourself and on others around. Failures scare you to the core, and you aren’t ready to be labelled a “loser”. You are on your toes to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Things are either black or white to you. There is absolutely nothing intermittent.

Well, take it from yourself, the older, wiser and worldlier version – You’re going to falter. Mistakes will happen, aplenty. Instead of denying them and fighting to justify, learn to accept them. Be bad. Suck at things. Test your limits. Most importantly, stop worrying.

You still don’t have answers to everything. As a matter of fact, you’ll never have them all. Just keep moving.

At 18, you’ll give up sketching. The one thing that has defined your growing up, your adolescence, and has inspired you since you were 7.

You are going to have a tough time convincing your parents about your aspirations in life. To be honest, you’ll never quite be able to convince them. You will probably scream your lungs out, hoping they will understand things the way you want them to. But, that isn’t just happening!

At 21, you’ll start your business venture, only to fail miserably. You’ll have a loan to pay off but not enough money to meet your ends.

You will realise, things aren’t black and white, but odd shades of grey. You will venture out for greener pastures only to find out they were mirages. But, amidst them will be the one opportunity that would shape you, the singular choice that will define you, for times to come.

At 15, you’re probably way too confused and have no idea of what lies ahead. Life is way too overwhelming for you. But, trust me, it’s absolutely fine. You are not the only one out there.

Also, be patient with yourself. I’m sure you’re as creative as one can get, but that doesn’t spare you a thing. The thing you think to be the best work might very well be flushed down, and a not-so-good work would go ahead to get the nod. But, with time and patience, you’ll realise, why things happened the way they did.

Often and on, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a soup. But, that’s not reason enough to give up. It never will be.

P.S: At the end of the day, you’ll be the product of your choices. Give yourself time. And, keep moving.

–  The 27-year-old me


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  1. The way you’ve written is absolutely amazing and undoubtedly i must say you’ve a beautiful vocabulary. I really hope you best wishes for your furture article! Keep it going 🙂

  2. Dear 15-year-old; me,
    “All that glitters is not gold, often you have heard that told. Gilded tombs do worms infold; be young in limbs and judgement old” – yours 19-year-old version.

  3. I love the fact that how relatable this article is! But I must say I’m 20, an engineer but haven’t given up sketching yet(giggles). This is the obvious letter I would like my 15-year-old self to read.



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