Five moments when you should totally follow the youngest Trudeau

Still scrolling through the pictures of Hadrien Trudeau? Here is a little something for you to reminisce his stay in India! 1 min

Justin Trudeau was on a sojourn in India a few weeks back and more than the Canadian Prime Minister, his youngest son stole most of our hearts. Right from his innocent Namastey while deboarding and then the walk with the ohh-so-heavy bouquet of flowers, the netizens could not stop talking about him.

  1. 1 The Taj Mahal visit

    This pure soul and his family visited the Taj Mahal. The world was awwwed when he signed the visitor's log with the help of his parents. What came after that was something we have all gone through!!Posing for family pictures with The Taj Mahal in the background. Phewww.

    Junior Trudeau expressed his bore and annoyance with his tiring yawn. An excellent way to tackle such things 😀

  2. 2 Respects at Rajghat

    When things don’t interest you, you resort to other playful ways to pass your time. Trudeau was seen face planting the floor while his family was busy with other stuff.

    Rituals might be boring after a point of time. Trudeau managed a way out, not bothered about his parents' look.

  3. 3 Mommy Trouble

    He that doesn’t trouble his mother is not a kid, and you still do so, admit it!

    Junior Trudeau has the most honest and cutest gateway. Which mommy would be annoyed with this sweet trouble? 

  4. 4 Annoying public affection

    When relatives try to be oversweet with you, and you give zero craps to it because you know its fake

    But what do you do? You have to revert in the sweetest way possible.

    Learn it from this little trot as when to back off.

    Deal with it the Trudeau way!

  5. 5 When all you want is to be YOURSELF

    Okay, so there are times when you are not allowed to be carefree and follow a code of conduct. But your heart longs to dance and relax. 

    Go for it just like Trudeau did at this formal meet.

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