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  1. We’re all told that we hold the key to our desires. That we hold the key to making our dreams comes alive. But what we’re never told is how difficult it is to recognize this key to our happiness. Sometimes we spend all of our life looking for this one untold truth, unable to see something so close; so clear. Every pirate finds joy in looting another ship, but only realises how much he possessed himself once he’s the one that is looted. We go searching for that one key that unlocks the door to our utopia. Wearing your heart out on your sleeve and you mind completely chaotic. If only we looked for this key on the inside rather than the outside. If only you realized that believing in our own self would help you unlock every desire. If only you realized that investing your mind and heart into whatever you seek would help you unlock that place. If only you realized that it is, in fact, YOU who is the key.

  2. do you know what is an art?
    once you learn, you know it is the love from the heart!
    the things you learn, does it make you proud?
    yes! of course! life will always take a turnaround!
    do you know now is the time to unlock?
    where is the key? your mind is still locked!
    you write the stuff, but it’s all just a bluff.
    still cursing yourself, your mind is a dearest pluff!
    you hold the key, still, thinking?
    what is disturbing you?
    your mind that is always sinking!
    do you feel the fire of the love?
    yes! you burnt yourself with the dire of the dove!
    do you know how the cat chases the rat?
    it is so simple!
    nothing but the art of an act!

  3. Value, a noun; the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.
    Sometimes we prioritise things depending on it’s value. But the real question is how do we priotise? and why do we priotise? The only answer to this is that we make decisions. So what is a decision?
    Decision, a noun; a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.
    We make haste decisions undoubtedly, a few made from our heart which is pure filled and with emotions and the other one is by our mind.
    So who should you follow while making a decision? Your heart or your brain? Yes, this question eldues many. Psycologists say that your brain makes the safer choice while your heart on the other hand makes risker choices. So take a minute analyze what you really want to do or how you want to go about and blend your heart and your mind to reach the best decision.
    The most important point i want to put forth to all the readers would be follow your heart or your mind or blend both but don’t lock up your emotions and follow the crowd, DON’T SETTLE! You have one life, just one make every moment count in your life ❤️

  4. Dilemma says –
    The reasons may be different, but the situation is still same.
    Having dilemma in life to choose what’s right & what’s wrong.
    Loving & caring are the simplest words but hard to follow
    It touches our heart & sometimes soul
    It varies one or the other but the feeling increases
    Daring can be done but waiting & staring the scene, can’t be
    It’s my life, just making complications rather than making simple as thread is broken
    A broken heart never sees but feels.
    But a foolish heart accepts everything rather than keeping on zonal levels.
    Words prick when it comes from the heart. But our ego, never let’s down to forgive.
    The person in dilemma will be in dilemma.
    If we change, attitude changes
    If we say, ignoring comes out
    If we care, behavior changes
    If we live, everything changes
    When they feel they explore, when they Love they share, but the way is different because they belive in destiny not the life……

  5. Sometimes, I feel bogged down by the endless thoughts and emotions that rule over my mind and heart. I have locked them in a box in an attempt to stop them from overflowing but I never imagined they would multiply vigorously, pushing the lid and constantly trying to come out of it. If only I had the key to unlock it and set them all free, let them wander wherever they want and create vacancy for the next batch of thoughts and emotions. I can only imagine what the key may look like and wait for them to explode like a bomb and create a mess of me.

  6. Seeing an art is also an art I say.As everyone doesn’t understand the same way.And I must say u really have an impeccable skills of art. Just as the key says me..Everyone just has to own their heart and brain which just keeps them away from humiliation.In our life the one person that we owe to is ourselves and there is no satisfaction which gives more happiness than self satisfaction which can only achieved by believing ourselves and having trust on ourselves before anything and anyone…And till the time we keep this key with someone else there’s no other punishment than this such as keeping our control in some others hands….keeping heart and brain in our control can give us much more confidence than anything else…..I just loved your way of portraying things…All the best:)

  7. What we have been told from the inception of our childhoods is that there exists a never-ending fight inside us. The battle of hearts and minds. You either run with what your mind suggests to you or you take after what your hearts want you to take after. You just get the chance to choose one, and ipso facto disregard the other. Life is just lived by making compromises. These are the sort of lessons and dispositions that we have been exposed to from our childhoods. In this way, we eventually made our minds to do or choose something which sounded more logical than what our hearts craved for. As we were taught to settle on choices based on sheer rationale and overlook anything which wouldn’t sound ‘more logical’ so we wound up playing our cards based on their degree of material benefit which our minds could understand. Be that as it may, this left a void. A major void in our lives which could never be filled. We turned out to be so hell-bent in pursuing the so-called ‘more logical’ decisions that we completely murdered the hugeness of emotions. We really undermined the most important organ of the body. The heart. Had it just been there only for pumping blood then you could never have skirted a beat at a mere sight of a dearest. You could never have felt that torment underneath your ribs on seeing the agonies of others. It had a bigger purpose than just keeping us breathing. It was there to make us fell this world, unravel its intricacies. It was a guide for us in this unfathomable place. This fight was never supposed to be there, the hearts and the minds were to be listened to and followed in a tandem. Minds were there to think and hearts to feel the same. To feel it, contemplate over it and afterward guide us to the make the best of the choices which would suit us and our society.

  8. You literally expressed meaning of words and feelings through this artwork so beautifully.Would love to see more of your work. Keep posting!

As an artist, I see art not as a language but a tool. A tool to decipher feelings, emotions and complexities of mind to both me and my viewers. At a young age I discovered the emotional aspects of colors and how the exact mix of proportions create a visual that hits the mind at the right spot. Throughout my academic career I've pursued art as a hobby and a window to breathe and dream.  I always keep a sketchbook handy so that I can doodle the ideas, question them and later develop into detailed paintings. I believe its colors that enhance an artwork, not any particular medium; hence I prefer to use any available media to create my artwork. “Deconstruct and recreate in a dimension where anything is possible” - This is the common thread among my artworks. The surrealism I prefer to portray draws inspiration from anything mysterious. I try to imply the vastness and vibrancy of space and universe into my art. Vivid and contrasting colors help me bring out the subject in highlight. Also I’m a big fan of silhouettes.