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  1. FAMILY, a word that says it all. A bond that cannot wither away so quickly. A family is always there in times of happiness as well as sadness. Most friends would not be there in hour of need but family stays solid like a mountain which cannot be shaken too easily. Just like a mother who takes care of her children in every situation and even in dangers. The elder one of the siblings also take care of the younger ones in the same way in a family. It all works in a circle where one cares for the other and the other cares for others. Because that’s what a FAMILY is for !

  2. ODE to MOM

    Cherished by all, but designated by none;
    Is the profession of Maternity.
    To be specific; she grew up learning
    About male-domination and submission
    in the rural parts. Deprived even of basics.
    She learnt about the surname norm.
    First her dad’s, followed by some –
    To be specific, she used to be a teacher.
    Until I was born.
    She had to quit,
    as maternity hit.
    But her dreams were never torn.
    Their roots grew deeper and denser,
    The shoots needed a staff as they were
    TODAY, SHE stands Taller than most.
    submission! She denies at every cost.
    As long as I be her staff.
    She knows, no situation’s going to be tough.

    -Joyeeta Das.

    1. This is great. We’d recommend you use this post, and the image and publish a new post directly . Just give credit to the designer for the image! Best

  3. For all the things you have done
    Every morning rose the sun.
    Off to work you would go.
    At home love to us you show.

    For all the sacrifices you have made
    Keeping us warm when you were in the shade.
    So many things I have put you through
    So many things I wish I could undo.

    To you I owe my life
    for you have sacrificed
    all your dreams and hopes
    to help me fly and be my support rope.

    Without you I wouldn’t know what to do
    But this I know is absolutely true
    Mother, Mom, Ma I love you